And Another Snowbird Year Begins 🙂

We left Kelowna in the cold drizzle with hints of fresh snow on the tops of the surrounding hills … but I’m still in flip flops. I had on jeans, a sweater, and a warm winter jacket, but I still had my flip flops on … not sure how long the flip flops will last but I’m making the effort 🙂

Goodbye Kelowna, we will miss you!

Our border crossing was easy peasy. We were asked the usual questions about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms, and money. Then he asked if we had any “fruits or vegetables” to which I responded I had frozen mangos and frozen peas and, as I expected, he had no problem with those.

Goodbye fall colours, you are pretty but we are heading toward greener pastures 🙂

We were then sent through for our agricultural inspection where she looked through the fridge, as usual (and the eggs were no problem), but after that she checked all the other cupboards and also went into the bathroom … they have never checked the bathroom before. With a compliment on the layout of our bathroom she was off and running to the next RV.

There wasn’t much traffic on the highway.

I’m not sure if it because we have done this for the past seven winters, or if luck was on our side, but this seemed to be our easiest crossing yet and it took less than twenty minutes. We were quick at the border and both our cell phones started up right away when I put in our US sim cards. And suspending my Canadian cell phone went relatively well also, other than being transferred back to the same department a few times, but since the rest went so easy (and cheaply) I’m willing to overlook that!

Penticton, BC

Our plan was to spend the night in Omak, WA but we got away earlier than planned so we continued on to Chelan, WA, which will bring today’s long drive (four hours) down to a more manageable three hours 😀

We had to empty our garbage can before we crossed the border because I had dumped some vegetables in last night, so we stopped at Vaseux Provincial Park. This is a very small park right on the lake and also right on the highway, but honestly I couldn’t have asked for a nicer final picture of Canada before we crossed into the states!

Until next time …

17 thoughts on “And Another Snowbird Year Begins 🙂

  1. Looking forward to seeing all our Canadian friends. But want to Let you know how much we’ve enjoyed your “summer” and the glorious park province and country you share.

    Hope to see you in Yuma. Jan and Don

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  2. Good news on the border crossing and your eggs. Last year they let me take a good deal of wine through. I likely will have to pay this year but at 10 cents per bottle it is worth it. We plan to drive as far as Moses Lake on our first night. Good thing you did not go via the Coquihalla this year. Snow!

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  3. Congratulations on the quick and easy border crossing.
    The fall colors are beautiful. Fall has always been my favorite season. There are roads up by where we come from that you drive through “tunnels of color” in the Fall. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Gotta love those easy boarder crossings, this snow bird will will be stuck in the snow this year hoping to see lotsa pictures of your travels.We have don 13 years souths far and after this years interlude hoping for more to come.

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