Colours of Fall

This is our last weekend in Kelowna and we have been busy … but fun busy. We have spent the last week saying our final goodbyes to friends, doing all those last minute things that have to be done before you go, and spending time with family.

I say this every year but here it is again … I love getting back on the road and seeing new things, having new adventures, and heading to warmer climates … I hate leaving our family and friends and the great life we live in Kelowna. I know I will get over, it but it is always bittersweet when we leave.

It was sad to clean out all my flower baskets, they were still blooming and looking pretty!

We spent the first part of our week at the campground where it was very quiet because the park closed for the season last Monday. It is always so peaceful and nice to walk around in complete silence except for the animals and birds.

Tonight we will move to our daughter’s driveway, well actually their neighbours were kind enough to let us stay in their driveway since they were away, which meant our son-in-law didn’t have to move their RV out of their driveway. They are fortunate to have awesome neighbours who never complain when we live in the driveway … in fact they like it because we can hear if someone is trying to break into anything in the middle of the night. One time somebody did break into the neighbours truck … two nights after we headed south!

We have a few nights of hanging out with our daughter’s family, getting as many warm squeezy hugs as I can pry out of our grandson’s … they are getting older but still humour grandma 🙂 Our granddaughter has moved into her own place so we don’t get to see her as much but she is coming home for Sunday dinner before we leave on Monday.

I was very brave one morning and, armed with bear bells and bear spray, I walked across the bridge to the third loop of the campground and caught a beautiful sunrise. I thought it only fitting that I end our final blog from the park with some sunrise pictures 🙂

A great final memory of the park for 2019 🙂

Stay tune for more regular blogs as we begin our travels south.

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “Colours of Fall

  1. The sunrise pictures were beautiful. Thank you for braving up and going for them. Your fall pictures again are wonderful.
    I feel the same way when we leave. Anxious to move down the road and on to new adventures yet sad to leave family and friends behind. Enjoy those hugs!!!
    Safe travels as you move on.

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