Happy Anniversary Maxx

Six years ago today we moved into Maxx full time … that’s

  • 2191 days
  • 313 weeks
  • 52,584 hours
  • 3,155,040 minutes
  • 189,302,400 seconds

We are basically packed up and ready to leave for our daughter’s place on Saturday.

And it has been a lot of good times … we look forward to the next six years and the adventures they will bring 🙂

Hubby was slowly dumping the oil from our turkey fryer onto the fire … yes we had a hose standing by! It was the best way to get rid of it, most campers dumped their oil into the garbage cans and it made a real mess for park staff to clean up ☹

I have a question for you all, has anyone taken fresh eggs from Canada into the US? And if so did you have an agriculture inspection and where you allowed to keep your eggs? We always go with an empty fridge, but I miscalculated on our eggs and I still have three dozen left. I could give them to our daughter or boil them all but I’d really like to take them with us as they are but I don’t want to loose them at the border.

We will miss our backyard.

Until next time …

13 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Maxx

  1. Wow thats a lot of seconds!!!! The ultimate penalty for taking something across the border that is not allowed could be denial to enter for up to 5 years. Make sure they are allowed or get rid of them. Not worth the 5 bucks they cost you. Just kinda how I look at it. Have a great trip.

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    • Yup I know the penalty is high but as long as you declare them you are good. If they are not allowed they will just discard them. And three dozen eggs in BC is over $8.00! I want your Manitoba eggs 😊. If nobody else answers and said they have taken them across I will give them to my daughter. Thanks I hope you guys have an awesome trip as well and get away without any more snow.


  2. Love the arch of trees in the first picture! So pretty! Congrats on 6 years! That is a very long time. Glad to hear you are still having fun.

    We have crossed the border multiple times and gone through several agricultural inspections and no one has ever asked us about eggs, meat, or dairy. They’ve only inquired about fruits and vegetables. But, you just never know. I would think it would be fine, but I’d feel bad if you lost all those eggs.

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  3. Have a look at this website: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/traveler/intl-travel/travelers-canada/traveler-canada-meats-poultry-dairy/canada-meats-poultry-dairy
    It says “No import permit or documentation is required for travelers to bring back personal-use amounts of eggs or egg products from Canada.”
    So as long as you declare them IF they ask you should be fine. I never volunteer information but am truthful when they ask specifically about something. When we crossed this week he fellow wanted to know if we had any fresh fruits of veggies (No) and if we had any meat (yes, some pork and wieners) He then asked specifically about lamb or goat products (No). Have a nice time and handed back our passports.
    Hope your experience is good!


    • Thanks Dave. Those are usually the questions we get as well, although every time we cross through the Osoyoos border crossing we also get an agricultural inspection of the fridge and inside of the RV. They are usually looking for fruits and veggies. Friends of ours crossed two days ago with two dozen eggs and had no problem, even with the agricultural inspection. We also don’t volunteer information but answer all questions they ask truefully. I will declare them if asked and see how it goes. I’m sure the answer will come up in a future blog 😊


  4. I just checked my travel notes. On November 6th, 2017, they took away tomatoes ( sometimes they are ok ) but left me with pea pods, potatoes, romaine and a full dozen eggs. You call always call the border crossing you will be using ( Goggle the info ) and ask them. I have done the in years past. Be sure to let us know what you end up doing and if you got the eggs through.

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