And That’s A Wrap

The leaves are falling around the park 🙂

 It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend at the park and we were almost full. For the most part the weather cooperated, although it was cold overnight and it did rain most of yesterday.

Yup there were a lot of people!

While there was definitely a real party mood and a lot of eating and drinking most people behaved reasonably well. We had lots of knocks on our door from people looking for wood, to move sites, to ask any number of dumb and not so dumb questions.

By noon Monday everyone had been chased out and the gates were locked! Wow what a difference 🙂

This is the same section of the park that the above photo with all the vehicles was taken.

After the gates were locked we cranked the music as we were working outside … because who are we going to bother 😀

I took a few walks, in between cleaning out the pamphlet rack and doing some packing up of our site, and it was nice to see nothing but trees and the lake.

We, along with the other park hosts, and the park managers, are here for the week and I’m sure we will all enjoy the slower pace.

You never see the sites, in these two pictures, empty from the May long weekend through Thanksgiving. The sites in the first picture have power and the sites in this picture are pull through, full service sites.

My sister and brother-in-law joined us for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and we had lots of leftovers, so on Monday the park manager and his family brought their tofurkey dinner over and, along with the other hosts, we finished off some of our leftovers and maybe a few … or more … bottles of wine. It was a perfect last day of the year.

Can you see Maxx at the far end of the lawn? This is our backyard and for the next week there will be nobody but us enjoying it 🙂

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “And That’s A Wrap

  1. Oh my, I much prefer the picture with NO vehicles. I’m glad it was a good, quiet Thanksgiving weekend but I’m with you on loving the peace and quiet in a park.
    I was confused about the 2nd site pictures, they don’t get used from May to Thanksgiving? They are lovely. The whole park is beautiful in it’s fall glory.
    Enjoy the week. I take it it you pull out then very soon?

    Liked by 1 person

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