A Trip To Fintry Provincial Park

Our park is very popular and is always fully reserved from mid June to the end of September so we are often asked by tourists where they should go to find a place to camp … and that’s a tough question because the Okanagan is a very popular summer destination. Our go to has always been Fintry Provincial Park which is another half hour up Westside Road which, as I have written about in the past, is the worst road in BC 😦 It is very narrow and windy so travelling with a large RV, or kids who get car sick, can be an instant damper on what would probably have been a fun vacation.

I use to give our kids gravol and puke bags for our trips down Westside Road. Fortunately it was worth it to spend a weekend at the lake 🙂

Since Fintry is so far off the highway it will sometimes have space and this year they add a whole bunch of new sites so people can usually get a site. In June we decided to take a drive to the park and check out the new additions and, despite being the worst road in BC, Westside Road does have beautiful scenery!

It follows along above the shores of Okanagan Lake.

The Fintry delta has homes and the provincial park on it.

The new sites are very open and would be extremely hot during our summers; our temps in the summer are in the 30’s C (86F to 101F).

Shorts Creek run through the park and delta into Okanagan Lake.

Fintry is home to permanent residents and summer homes and it really is a nice place to spend your summers.

With all the new sites it has been a great option for visitors who can’t get into our park, if only the road were better 😉

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “A Trip To Fintry Provincial Park

  1. I imagine the views from the sites would be amazing with nothing blocking the view. But the views of the other campsites would be less than stellar with nothing blocking the view. Still a great option for a place to camp.

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