We Have Put In Some Miles :-)

Our week started with a visit from the Vintage Car Club. I wrote about their visit two years ago and it was really nice to see them back in the park again this year … there was a lot of cheering and clapping as they drove through.

We planned four fun bike rides this week starting with one to Lordco to pick up a part for a friends RV, yes any excuse for a ride 🙂 That ride was 22km (13.67mi) and we enjoyed a couple stops along the way.

It was a beautiful day and we thought we should enjoy a drink with a view ☺

On Tuesday we rode to coffee, did a few errands and then headed back home, about 20km (12.5mi). Wednesday we again rode into coffee and since we had no errands to run, and it was a nice day, we decided to ride up a section of the Rails For Trails that we hadn’t done yet. That trip took us up to the University along a nicely paved trail with pretty views.

Since we just happen to arrive up at the university around lunch time we thought we should drop into the new pub up there and try it out before all the students return and it gets busy.

Did I say it was a really warm day, of course we had to rehydrate ☺

Last Saturday we had dinner at our daughter’s place and I did a few loads of laundry. Somehow I forgot my drying mat at her place so we decided to ride back past her house to pick it up.

Another nice bike lane.

Wednesday’s ride was 37km (23mi) so of course we had to up our game on Thursday and we planned a 70km (43.5mi) ride 😀 Thursday dawned warm and sunny but also started with a phone call saying the people we were meeting in Vernon for lunch, and the purpose of our long ride, had an unexpected change of plans and had to cancel. Oh well, we will do that ride next week, but since we had planned to be away from the campsite anyway, we came up with another plan … a day on the beach. Now we do have a beautiful beach at the campground but we wanted to go somewhere different so we went five minutes up the road to Traders Cove Regional Park.

It is a steep, but pretty, walk down to the beach.

There is a lake down there!

Nice beach but lots of boats. In fact given the hike down to the beach I think this is more of a boat access beach.

At least you can cool off once you get down to the beach but by the time we were back up at the parking lot we were ready for another swim ☹

Amongst all those miles on our bikes we had hubby’s mom, sister, cousin, our daughter and family, and our son’s son for dinner on Monday evening. We also had the opportunity to catch up with a long ago coworker of hubby’s who was staying in the park. And best of all, okay not really, we had the opportunity to be up from 12:30 a.m. to 1:40 a.m. one morning to try and convince some noisy campers to go to bed. Yes just another busy week in paradise 🙂

This was a whoops shot but I kinda like it so it got added to the keepers folder 🙂

And the excitement doesn’t end 🙂 Today our daughter-in-law from Edmonton is stopping by for a visit with our two youngest grandchildren. We get a nice visit with the three of them and she gets to tire them out before they make the three hour drive to the coast to see her dad … yes life is grand!

I will leave you with this series of pictures of a mountain sheep we saw when we were down at the beach.

Until next time …


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