So What’s New This Week

Well as it turns out not a lot 🙂 But in retired life that’s a good thing, unless of course I was able to tell you we won a million dollars on the lottery, but sadly that didn’t happen … we won $20.00 and a free play so I’m not complaining.

We came around the corner of Westside Road and saw a herd of Mountain Sheep, lucky for me I was holding my camera at the time so was able to get this shot through the windshield.

Then I was able to get the next two shots through the open side window.

I got this shot on our way back, again through the windshield so the colour is off.

The weather this past week has been a mix bag but we have still managed lots of bike rides, although one ended with a ride home in a torrential downpour … okay maybe not torrential but it felt that way on a bike! Last week we took a ride with friends on the KVR Trail, which I have written about before. It wasn’t the nicest day but we did have a good time and the company was great!

It did clear up a little but then the rain started again.

A few days later we took a ride on the Okanagan Rails for Trails and had a great time.

The path is mostly flat so we didn’t need to use any assist and the views were beautiful as we road along the shores of two lakes.

Woods Lake

Kalamalka Lake

We rode for 15km before the rain starting getting heavy so we turned around and road back into nicer weather.

It didn’t take long before we were getting warm and thoughts of a stop along the lake ran through our head … that may have been encouraged by the bottle of wine I added to our saddle bags with our lunch 😀

This week we rode into town three days for appointments and groceries … yes these bikes are getting some good use and just think of the money we are saving on fuel!  We also took one of our grandson’s out for dinner and then to see the new Lion King movie.  The computer graphics in that movie are amazing, the animals looked so real.

A beautiful waterfall along the Rail For Trails

Helicopters are used to dry cherries after it rains.

We watched this helicopter for awhile before we started riding again.

Our plan is to ride the Rail For Trails from Kelowna to Vernon and meet some friends for lunch. We will pick a sunnier day and I will take my camera along so I’m sure there will be another biking blog in the future.

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “So What’s New This Week

  1. I’m glad that you are getting great use out of your bikes and paying for them at the same time (in fuel savings). I wish I biked more but because I don’t, my knees really feel it even on the straight roads around here. I like it in parks on pavement so guess I’ll have to stick to that. Plus I don’t have a biking partner – Bill doesn’t enjoy it so much.
    What beautiful shots of the mountain sheep! Cheers to the wine glasses at the lake!

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  3. At the rate you guys are going, you’re going to need new tires soon. Those trails are amazing. I also like your hydration strategy with the wine. Drying cherries with a chopper seems like overkill but I guess you have to do what you have to do.

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