What To Do On A Rainy Friday

I know I promised a blog about Ogopogo but somehow life has got in the way of composing that blog, maybe next Saturday.

The Dogwoods, British Columbia’s provincial flower, are starting to bloom.

We had another busy week with two different sets of friends visiting the park at the beginning of the week. Added to that was the fact that the other hosts were away so we had some extra chores and we had a lot of European tourists in the campground so we had lot’s of questions. Oh and on top of all of that our daughter and son-in-law’s hot water tank bit the dust so we had to head over to their place so hubby could help our son-in-law install a new one. It really felt like we didn’t get much of a visit with our friends but like I said above, sometimes life gets in the way 🙂

The only goslings I have seen in the park this year.

And then along comes Friday when we were supposed to be having my sister and brother-in-law and my cousin and her husband (who are camping here this weekend) over for dinner.

Despite the dismal forecast for the day, cool and rain, I figured we would still go ahead with dinner even if we had to sit inside Maxx … and then an early morning text changed all of that … there was a bear sighting in the park! The first time in six years!

So hubby and I spent five hours on bear watch. When the park operator was unable to convince the bear to go back down the beach and out of the park the bear decided to climb a tree and have a nap. Hubby and I sat in the park truck and watched for the bear to wake up, while also keeping people out of the area.

Once the bear, who we all think is about two years old and hubby named Booboo, woke up and came down from the tree, hubby and the park operator again tried to encourage the bear to leave the park. After a few more scrambles up and down trees Booboo decided he should head over to the parking lot in the day use area 😡

Coming down

Hmm maybe I should go up this tree.

But they convinced him to go the other way, but he did contemplate climbing this tree as well.

And he did climb this one but only stayed up there for about five minute.

And then it was a walk through the day use area … early in the day so no people there.

And then he went back up another tree for another nap, so once again we sat in the truck and watch Booboo sleep. After a half hour nap Booboo came back down the tree and more encouragement abound, but again Booboo went up another tree.

Another half hour or so goes by and down he comes, and after a lot of encouragement he finally climbs the fence and heads up into the hill outside the park … but no wait! I think he heard the traffic noise from the road above and got scared so he came back down to the park fence. More noise and encouragement ensued but he decided to head toward the entrance gate.

We were able to get the gate shut before he got there but only because Booboo decided he needed another nap and headed up another tree. Now we are in an area were we couldn’t park the truck so hubby and I got out our chairs and watched Booboo sleep for another forty-five minutes.

I’m sure people were wondering who these silly people sitting on the road staring at a tree where!

Finally Booboo headed back down the tree and while I ran and closed the gates again, hubby and the park operator tried to get him to cross the road into the hills on the other side. It took some doing but Booboo finally headed into safer territory on the other side of the road … hopefully he will stay there!

So folks if you ever find yourselves bored on a rainy Friday you should go bear watching 🙂 Since we were so busy with this adventure I rescheduled dinner for tonight and hopefully it will be a nicer day.

Until next time …

13 thoughts on “What To Do On A Rainy Friday

  1. The joys of nature. Hope Booboo gets the message that he should stay away. As long as he didn’t find any tasty Pickanick Baskets or leftover foods to snack on he shouldn’t be back.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your dinner party.

    It’s about time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You truly are getting your fill of nature. Again another unique experience. I’m sure it was tiring after a while, all that bear watching. You have some lovely experiences to share with your grandchildren.

    Liked by 1 person

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