Trial Movie Night

Two years ago one of the campers brought a projector with him and held a movie night in the campground; you can read about it here. Hubby thought that was such a great idea, and probably because of his years of work in the data and sound industry, he wanted to make this a weekly event in the park. Fast forward to this year and he has finally found a projector that will work on 12volt and a fold up screen, which means he can not only hold movie night in the park but movie night can travel with us … we can’t wait to get settled out in the desert this winter and watch a movie on the big screen outside 🙂 Last night was a trial run with a few friends from the park, and we think it was a hit. We enjoyed the movie Up sitting outside under the stars.

We have to start as soon as the sun is down in order to be done by 10:00 when quiet time starts.

We are having fantastic weather and the temperature today was in the high 20C, 83F and tomorrow is forecast to be much of the same, sunny and warm.

The park was almost full last night and will probably be the same tonight, as there are lots of families celebrating Mother’s Day with a weekend of camping.

I took this picture early this morning, it’s my favorite of our spring here so far. Those lazy days of summer, when the beach is full, are just around the corner.

I wish all the mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow, and I will leave you with, what I thought, was a very funny tune I heard on the radio this morning 😀

Mother’s Day is Sunday

And we are all so glad

Because we get to thank you

For putting up with Dad!

Until next time …

11 thoughts on “Trial Movie Night

  1. The movie night under the stars sounds wonderful. They did something similar down at our band-shell for families last summer but we have mosquitoes so that can be miserable but the kids still have fun.
    Your area is beautiful and I can see why your last picture is your favorite.

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