What To Say, What To Say

And honestly I have no idea! I’m wordless these days. I have pictures to share but for the life of me I can think of any words to go with them. We have been busy gardening, talking to campers, visiting with friends, and the list goes on … but none of that would really make an interesting blog.

Spring Flowers are making a show.

These purple flowers smell so pretty!

I have tried to write my wrap up post for the winter but I’m stuck on one paragraph and just can’t think of the words I want to use, so I keep giving up. Hopefully one of these days the words will come back and I can finish that post 🙂

Barry the Beaver greets me most mornings and yesterday he brought a friend but I missed the picture.

So until the words come back I will leave you with some more pictures.

Along with Barry, beautiful sunrises also greet me most mornings.

This pretty plant is in my sister’s garden. I love how it has purple and pink flowers on the same plants.

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “What To Say, What To Say

  1. We all have those days but sometimes you just need to let the Pictures do the talking. They say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words so you just posted an extremely long post.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Sunrises and the Beavers.

    It’s about time.

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  2. You certainly have a talent with pictures. You could be like me and have crappy pictures AND nothing interesting to say!!! lol I am struggling what to do over the summer though! What is your plan? A few posts? Nothing? or daily? I am looking forward to your season finale!!

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  3. Back in another paradise. Happy to see the beauty and simplicity in the pictures shared. We were hoping to see you before we get underway this Friday but that is not to be the case. Our six weeks is just about over and it’s been jam packed with people and work to get ready for the next chapter so we will wish you a super beautiful summer and hopefully see you in the fall. I love watching your blog – words or not.

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