Signs of Spring

We woke up to drizzle this morning but by early afternoon the sun was out and the clouds were parting to show blue sky. My camera and I spent some time with the daffodils this morning … they are my favourite spring flower.

Signs of spring are definitely popping up on the lower mainland of British Columbia, there is color everywhere and it is so pretty. Fair warning there is flower picture overload in this blog 🙂 After the daffodils, we moved onto the trees.

And I couldn’t leave out this pretty plant.

This was the point were my sister-in-law asked me to weed the gardens while I was down there, so it was time to stand up and back away from the gardens ☺

Nor could I leave out the trees on our drive to breakfast.

We filled up one of our thirty pound propane tanks for $16.58 CND at Costco, and we thought we were getting a good deal in Yuma at $17.65 UDS! Hopefully our new Costco in Kelowna will sell propane. The trees at Costco deserved to have their pictures taken as well.

What else was I going to do while waiting in line to drop off our propane tank

Other than going out for breakfast with hubby’s family and hitting Costco we had a pretty laid back day today, which was nice as it’s the first time since leaving Laughlin, Nevada a week ago that we have not been on the road.

I will close with pictures of the trees on our drive home from Costco 🙂

This one reminded us both of the bougainvilleas we see when we are south for the winter.

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I love your spring photos, no such thing as an overload. 🙂
    We are very curious about the price of propane now at our London Costco. That’s a great price! The only thing we have to make sure is that our tanks are empty as they charge by weight here. 40 lb. tanks = 9 gal. but we get charged for the whole 40 lb. even if it is half full. In Arizona (or U.S.) we got charged by the gal. only how much it took to fill it. Thanks for the tip!
    I’m glad your weather is turning around for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes you are right about how propane works in Canada, but what was interesting about Costco is they only charge for how much you use, not for a full tank. In our case the tank was empty.


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