And The Jello Wiggles Again

The last time we stayed at the Tachi Palace Casino in Lemoore, California we said we wouldn’t do it again, it was noisy and oh so smelly in the morning. The smell is the cattle feed lots in the area and when the wind is blowing the right way it stinks! And yet we happily set sail for the Casino yesterday and had a great night. The location works well for us, and this time we parked at the back of the lot and it was really quite, no road noise at all … and the feedlots didn’t smell. Hubby thinks they must have had some rain that knocked the smell down and of course the direction of the wind or lack of wind helped. When we were there in the fall it was hot and we had all the windows open, this time the temperature dropped down nicely and we didn’t need to leave the windows open overnight, which may have helped as well. Whatever the reason, we had a great stay and will stay there again.  As an added bonus there is a gas station on site with the cheapest fuel in town 🙂

As we made our way over to I-5 we drove by onion fields

and tomato fields

and lots of almond orchards!

Now to the wiggling jello … our plan was to stay in Lodi, California tonight at a Passport America park. By the time we hit Lodi it was raining and even being a Passport America park, the RV Park is very pricey ($32.50 PA per night), especially when you are just sitting inside the RV all afternoon reading. So we headed onto Redding, California were we are staying at another Casino.

We could see the weather starting to come in but it made some pretty shadows on the grasslands.

The grass was green but I think it is so vivid in this picture because I took it through hubby’s side window, I’m guessing the tinting made the colors more vivid ☺

Win River Casino in Redding is not a free stay, they charge $26.00 a night but they offer full hook-up and a nice RV area. Plus we each received $15.00 in gambling money, which between the two of us we turned into enough money to pay for our night’s stay plus dinner!

Pretty view from the patio of the restaurant, to bad it was raining and we couldn’t sit outside.

Until next time …

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