Laughlin, NV Versus Bullhead City, AZ

Most of the people we know, and blogs we read, stay in Bullhead City, Arizona, which is right across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada.

View of Laughlin from Bullhead City.

And another view of Laughlin

Beach along the Colorado River in Bullhead City.

Now we have nothing against Bullhead City but it is much cheaper, and we think more exciting, to stay in Laughlin, Nevada. Plus Bullhead City is spread out for miles down the highway and it takes forever to get anywhere there. Fortunately the only place we need to visit in Bullhead City is Sam’s Club and it is right across the river from where we are staying, so it takes less than ten minutes to get there.

Looking down Casino drive in Laughlin

And the flowers/trees are prettier here as well.

Tonight we went over to the casino for two of our free buffets and we were not impressed with the food 😦 Up until now we have always used our freebies for breakfast, so we thought it would be a nice treat to have dinner instead … lets just say we won’t do that again. The views and the service were excellent though!

That’s Bullhead City, Arizona on the other side of the Colorado River.

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Laughlin, NV Versus Bullhead City, AZ

  1. We love that area as well, we stay in Bullhead because off a membership park only $10.00 a night , used to be free, We don’t frequent the casinos, Got lotsa Freebies there years ago. And don’t do Sam’s club. Very seldom go across the river anymore.

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