A Trip To The Pool

One of the reasons we like staying at the Riverside Casino Resort, aside from the cheap price of $109.00 for a week with four free buffets, is the fact that we can use the pool at the casino. I know most RV Parks in the south have pools but somehow sitting at a hotel pool with bar service, free towels, and great music is nice for a change.

We didn’t order anything to drink but I did look at the menu and the food and drink prices weren’t that bad … maybe next time.

A nice spot to sit for lunch with a view of the Colorado River

And that was enough exercise for us for one day 🙂

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “A Trip To The Pool

  1. Looks like you had a tough day. I mean all that relaxation with beautiful views how could you stand it????? (lol) What a good price!

    I just read your last post, it is really sad to see. It is a scary thought as to how fast it happens.

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  2. Did you stay in your rig at Riverside. I’d have to check where we stayed but sound super fabulous. I’d like to mark that for next year maybe so if you have the website I’d appreciate it. I can’t find any mention of RV parking in my search? You must be at Bear Creek now.

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    • Yes we are staying in the RV Park which is across Casino Drive from the Riverside Casino. They do have free RV parking, no hookups, in their parking lot beside the resort but there is an actual RV Park across the street. Some of the sites are very tight but whenever we have been here they have left the site beside us empty, and of course for $109.00 I expect to get the cheap sites 🙂 Other than that, it is a really nice park with washrooms (I have never used them), laundry facilities, and use of all the casino facilities. Here is the website http://www.riversideresort.com/rv-park-riverside/. We are in Laughlin until Monday and then heading up I-5 to Abbotsford and should be at Bear Creek by the Easter Weekend. We are not willing to chance the higher passes until the weather improves 🙂


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