Homeward Bound

It’s funny how you can be all packed up and ready to head out and it still takes you an hour or so, and of course it takes so much longer to say goodbye and fond farewells to all our friends 🙂 After a not so quick stop at Spectrum (a little over an hour) to return our modem we were on the road by 11:00 a.m.

There was some discussion about which route we were going to take to Laughlin as a few of them were over what we call “the wee roads”, those are roads that go up and down and wreak havoc on an RV.

Since we were already part way through town when we stopped at Spectrum we decided to go up Highway 95 through Quartzite, Parker, Vidal, up to Needles, and on to Laughlin. Of course that route, and our long wait at Spectrum, had us arriving in Quartzite right around lunch time … ohh what to do … no brainer, Silly Al’s it was 🙂

The desert is in full color.

If you have never been to Silly Al’s you need to go. It’s not much from the outside and the inside is old but very quaint, and they have the cleanest washrooms I have ever been in … and if you know me, who travels with an RV so she doesn’t have to use public washrooms, that is very high praise!

And to top it off they had a great selection of beers from College Street Brewery and Mud Shark Brewery in Lake Havasu

And they even serve the Big Blue Van with fresh blueberries, the way it should be served!

After lunch it was an easy, scenic, drive into Laughlin where will we stay for a week and soak up, what will probably be the last, warmth and sunshine for a while.

No shortage of color in the desert ☺

And cause it’s my blog I had to leave you with this adorable picture of our granddaughter and her bunnies … these are much nicer bunnies than the ones that run around Cocopah resort and eat my plants!

She really loves her bunnies 🙂

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I cannot believe how the color has increased since the last time we drove along 95. The colors are wonderful. Enjoy your time in Laughlin and hope you feel better. The picture of your granddaughter is beautiful and as her grandmother you deserve to show her off. I am guessing everyone who sees is going “aah how precious”…I know I did.

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