The Countdown Is On!

We have had a busy week, dinner and bingo night with friends, happy hours, and yesterday a day of packing everything up. We thought it would take us a lot longer to pack up but I guess we were more organized than we thought 🙂

It’s time to head north when the veggie fields around the park are now Durham Wheat fields.

Today was a laundry day and a few more visits and then tomorrow we are back on the road. We have to return our WiFi modem to Spectrum in the morning and then we had planned to head to Quartzite for the night, mainly because it was a short drive and we both wanted a pizza at Silly Al’s. But like all our jello solid plans this one had room to wiggle and it did. I have a bad cold, the one that hubby and everyone else got in January and I was so proud of myself for not getting … oops that didn’t work … I got it! In my mind there is nothing worse than having a cold when it is hot out, I am already running a fever and then it is unbearably hot, and when you are boondocking in Quartzite there is no air-conditioning 😦 So we have decided to skip Quartzite and head to Laughlin, Nevada for a week, with full hookup and all the air-conditioning we want!

Maxx is very simple to prep for travel, I strap down our table and chairs, the two chairs in the living room each get a strap, I put a piece of foam on either side of our dishes.

I put a strap across our wine glass holder. I use to wrap them in bubble wrap but I stop doing that years ago and I have never broke a wine glass while travelling.

The chair in our bedroom gets a strap as well, and for the life of me I have no idea what I did with that strap!!! I just don’t understand how you can loose things in such a small space 😦 So that will be tonight’s chore, find the missing strap.

Until next time …

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