The Sweet Smell Of Spring

Spring is in the air … finally 🙂 When I walk I can smell the flowers, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping.

And the best part is we get to experience the start of spring all over again when we arrive home!

I came across this Heron early one morning.

We spent yesterday planning our route home and it is a pretty boring route, other than a few interesting overnight stops.

The mountain passes still don’t look good, so we will head north along I-5 for most of the trip, although hubby has planned a route that follows secondary roads as much as possible.

We will head to the lower mainland of British Columbia and spend some time visiting with hubby’s mom and siblings. Our fingers are crossed that we will find a good day to head over the Coquihalla and Connector and arrive home in Kelowna before Easter.

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell Of Spring

  1. Beautiful pictures, wonderful bursts of color.
    I love spring and it is actually nice to experience it more then once as we slowly head home east and then north. As long as the snow is gone that is…lol
    Safe travels when you start your trek north.

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