A Cook Island Storm, Aitutaki, CI

We spent our last full day in Aitutaki doing what we did most other days, walking around the island, swimming, reading, and relaxing. As a final send off the island treated us to a tropical storm which really was pretty interesting!

But I’ll start the picture tour with a walk around the island 🙂

This is how a new coconut tree starts.

I rolled one over to show you the roots.

These two are very firmly established, I couldn’t move them!

It really looked a lot darker out than it was and it was still very, very, warm.

The vegetation is very lush and grows quickly which means the resort staff have to trim the path around the island every few days.

We followed our walk with a few swims and relaxing on the beach, but by late afternoon the rain started. It came down heavy and we even had some thunder and lighting!

The storm was so bad that it knocked out cell and Wi-Fi service for a couple hours. And do you remember that outdoor shower we have? Yup it is was raining so hard that we really didn’t even have to turn on the water. I have to admit it was a different experience showering outside in the rain.

I will leave with you with pictures of the most amazing sunset we had the night before … this will definitely be a sunset we will remember for the rests of our lives!

Until next time …

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