A Few Hours On The Mainland, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Our day started off with breakfast, followed by a swim, and then off to watch the fish feeding.

Those are hubby’s fingers with a piece of bread in them feeding the fish.

And he let go of the piece of bread.

After that it was another swim … are you sensing a pattern 🙂 Even though we are having cloudy weather, with the occasional rain, the temperatures have been around 29C, 84F, but the Cook Islands has very high humidity so the temperatures feel more like 36C, 96F.

Between swims we walked around the resort.

After lunch we took the resort shuttle, $12.50 per person return, into Aitutaki. When we signed up for the shuttle the night before we were told we would have an hour in town, which didn’t sound like much time. We were assured it was plenty of time and of course they were right!

The island is very lush!

Aitutaki is a very laid back island with a population of 2,000. Most of the staff that we have spoken to have never been to Rarotonga, they think it is way to busy!

It took us less than forty-five minutes, including lunch at a Take Away, to check out the main city which consists of a Superstore (sells groceries, liquor, and everything else you may need), a police station, Catholic Church, and two banks.

The yellow building is the police station.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

And I will leave you with today’s flower arrangement.

I love these arrangements!

 Until next time …

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