A Trip To One Foot Island, Cook Islands

If you are a fan of Survivor you may recognize the name “One Foot Island” from Season Thirteen … I don’t watch the show but now that I’ve been to the island I might have to check out that season.

One Foot Island is a half hour boat ride from our island and the tour boat picked us up right on our beach.

Coming in to pick us up

Goodbye island we will be back in six hours.

Aitutaki is formed from a barrier reef, roughly the shape of a triangle, which forms a large lagoon inside the reef. The southern edge of the triangle is almost totally below the surface of the ocean, the eastern side, where we were cruising, is composed of a string of small islands. Our cruise was through the lagoon where the water is fairly shallow and very calm.

There were a lot of little, uninhabited, islands along the way.

This is Aitutaki, the main island in the lagoon.

On our way to One Foot Island we stopped at Akaiami Island where those voted off Survivor would hang out until the end of filming. The first person voted off spent thirty-nine days on this small island with no electricity, but it does have a large generator so I don’t think they were roughing it too much!

I could handle thirty nine days on this beach!

We spent a half hour snorkeling off one of the islands which hubby enjoyed.

You can see a Giant Clam in this picture.

And another Giant Clam

These giant Trevally were everywhere. They swam around people but never bothered anyone.

I enjoyed swimming around, with my head above water, watching the storm approach.

It took another three hours for this storm to bring us rain and that didn’t happen until we were on the boat back to our resort. Even a heavy rainstorm can’t spoil your time in Aitutaki because it is still warm and the rain can be a welcome relief!

It did look pretty menacing!

A short distance away from One Foot Island is Heaven Island, just a large patch of sand in the lagoon. After snorkeling we were dropped off on the beach where we walked from the beach, through the ocean, over to the island … the water never came above our knees.

Heaven Island, a strip of sand in the middle of the lagoon.

A coconut tree in the making, although a wave will probably wash it into the ocean before it gets a chance to root in the sand.

The rest of our time was spent on the island. This tiny island contains a post office and a single cabin that was used to prepare our lunch.

It was an awesome lunch with BBQ yellow fin tuna.

There are no services on the island so it was a good thing our tour boat had a washroom on board. Everything brought onto the island has to be taken off when you go.

The beach has lots of tiny hermit crabs which were very entertaining to watch.

We enjoyed our time with a walk around the island after lunch and the rest of the time we spent in the water.

They love coconuts.

Our evening ended with a complimentary happy hours hosted by the manager and a great dinner. Between happy hour and dinner we cheered on our crabs at the crab races but we didn’t win 😦

We had a great view of the track from our dinner table.

Since we missed the horse races at Cocopah this year we decided to buy four crabs for the crab races. It costs $2.00 per crab and the owner of the first crab out of the circle claims the winnings, which was probably about $50.00.

And they are off!

A tight race to start.

I got so excited I forgot to take a picture as they started to cross over the line. The inside line is the line to cross, the outside line is to keep the spectators back.

The winner!

And last nights flowers were also very pretty.

Until next time …

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