Our Next Stop, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

We were sad to leave Rarotonga. We loved our beach villa and had met some really great people, mostly Canadians, Australians, Swedes, and New Zealanders … in fact we didn’t meet a single person from the US. We did spend a lively happy hour one night, and time around the pool on our last day, with a very nice couple from Sweden and another nice couple from Victoria.

But as I said yesterday our time on Rarotonga had come to an end. Our flight left Raro, as the locals call it, at 4:00 p.m. and we were told the shuttle would pick us up at the hotel somewhere between 2:30 and 3:00. It’s a twenty-minute ride to the airport and we had bags to check, plus I was unable to check in online, so I was worried about the tight time frame. Don’t worry I was told, it will be fine. We were at the airport by 3:00 p.m., were asked our names (no ID required), checked our bags, were handed our paper boarding slips and told to have a seat, the flight would board in forty-five minutes.

There was no TSA to go through, nobody cared if we had liquids, they just loaded us on the plane and off we went.

Fifty minutes later we were landing on the beautiful island of Aitutaki … and honestly all we could say was wow when we caught our first glimpse of the island from the plane!

Yes this truly is a shot of Aitutaki as we were coming in for a landing!

Upon arrival we were adorned with lei’s, handed a coconut drink, picked up our luggage and were ushered into a waiting van for the five minute ride to our resort.

A very cute airport

Our resort is on it’s own private island so we were dropped off at the shore of the main island where a boat picked us up and took us across the very narrow passage to the island. Our luggage was whisked off somewhere else and ended up in our room before we did 🙂

The boat coming over to meet us.

And we quickly arrived on the other side.

We entered the open air lobby and after registering, we were escorted to our villa.

The resort is adorn with beautiful flower arrangements.

The pool is off the lobby

As is the main dining room. In this picture it is set up for breakfast, which is included with our accommodation.

The grounds are beautiful and our villa looks out over the ocean. After our villa in Rarotonga we thought it would be hard to top, but our villa here is even more beautiful and welcoming.

The glass doors on the right go out to our open air shower.

It is hard to get a good picture of the shower but it is really neat!

A great view from the bed ☺

The only negative about our time here is the villa we were given and it has nothing to do with the resort. Our travel agent led us astray as she provided us pictures of our villa being over the ocean but that’s not what she had reserved us.

We thought we would be in the villas on the left.

They are on a rocky beach and the platforms are high off the water, I’m much happier where we are.

After the initial shock we decided that we actually like the villa we have much better than the ones over the water, so in the end things worked out well 🙂

Awesome views from our deck.

And fantastic views from our dinner table!

Until next time …

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