A Rainy Day In Paradise, Rarotonga, CI

Well it even rains in paradise, but it didn’t spoil our day 🙂 We had a leisurely breakfast, enjoyed coffee on our deck, under the covered portion, spent some time walking through local stores, had a late lunch out, and then … even with the rain … enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the beach.

Hubby had a great time wandering through the hardware store.

A single gang switch costs around $.99 at home. It would cost a lot of money to wire a house in Rarotonga!

We buy this water filter at home at a cost of 3 for $9.00, that would cost you $114.00 here!


Home Depot in Yuma had a Rigid eight piece set on sale for $329.00 before Christmas! Here it is $1,195 for a two piece set.

Seeds ranged from $1.80 to $5.00 a package.

Some things are very expensive here, but others didn’t seem that bad to me. Of course everything has to be shipped in either by air or sea. After the hardware store we wandered through the largest supermarket on the island. Like items in the hardware store, groceries also get shipped in by air or sea. Other than coconuts and bananas we didn’t see anything grown on the island.

Wow flour is expensive. It sure makes me appreciate the banana muffin I have every morning!

$7.90 for a box of Cheerios.

This didn’t seem that pricey, $4.80 for six granola bars.

These may be local chickens because we did see lot’s of those running around

We saw a few cows but no ranches.

And I thought eggs were expensive in Canada!

I definitely can’t afford to eat peppers for lunch everyday. For those of you in the US this works out to about $5.79 a pound.

Lunch today was at Charlie’s, which was highly recommended by the locals … and they didn’t disappoint 🙂

Keep an open mind, the entrance is deceiving.

Amazing view from our table!

There is live entertainment in the evening.

Hubby had a fish burger that was huge! Three large tuna steaks in one humongous bun, he brought half of it home.

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “A Rainy Day In Paradise, Rarotonga, CI

  1. It would be expensive to live there. How do the restaurant prices compare? How much was the fishburger? A glass of wine? Nice that you had the car to explore with on a rainy day. Once on a vacation to one of the Hawaiian Islands, it rained 12 days out of 14 so we just went swimming in the rain, etc.

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