The Rest of the Night

Here is how the rest of last night went. We arrived at LAX early mainly because we didn’t know how long it would take us to drive from Palm Desert to Los Angeles, we were unsure of where the parking garage was, we had problems with our seats when I checked us in on-line the night before, and the biggest reason … we had no idea how long it would take us to get through airport security with the government shutdowns going on.

You heard about the drive yesterday, it was stressful, crazy, unpleasant, wet, scary, full of traffic jams, I could go on and on but you probably get the picture … it’s LA! We arrived at the parkade, where I had made a reservation, and couldn’t get in. A phone call resolved that issue and we parked and jumped on the waiting shuttle for a quick trip to the airport. The shuttle dropped us off in the arrivals area, which was jammed with people. We made our way through the crowds and found the elevator up to the departures area of Terminal B. We walked directly up to the counter of our airline, I can’t tell you which one because that might spoil the end of the story, and the agent was only to happy to help us! Now we were six hours early for our flight, which normally means you can’t check-in, but we wanted to deal with the seat change. When we received our tickets we had assigned seating along the window, when I checked us in we were moved to the middle of the plane in an aisle and adjoining seat. The fellow at the check-in counter could not have been more helpful, he not only gave us a window seat he upgrade us to wider, more comfortable seats … and now things were turning our way 🙂

Through security it was a nice looking terminal

With our luggage checked and boarding passes in hand we were able to go through airport security, and WOW, we were through in less than fifteen minutes! Yup life was good. The rest of our time was spent walking around the terminal, enjoying a relaxing dinner, and killing time reading and on our computers.

We head to our gate, past a lot of gates, that looked like any other airport, but when we came to the last one we were directed by signs to make a right turn into this hallway.

Boarding the plane was different from any other experience.

And then a left

And then another right

And then another left … okay things are looking a little more like an airport again.

What!!! We need to make a left through that small door? Are we walking to our destination?


As you can see from the above pictures it was definitely not like other airports we have been in.

Our departure gates look like a bus terminal!

One busy bus terminal!

Oh well we are good at following directions so we sat at our departure gate and waited to board. Along came boarding time, we walked through the door … and bordered a bus! Okay we have spent a lot of money for what will be, if we are going by bus, a very long and interesting ride 🙂

After a ten minute bus drive we arrived at another building where we started the walk down the hallway again.

Once again we turned left, and then we turned right …

and then it finally looked like we might board the plane.

Yes, we are on board the plane and all set for a good nights sleep.

And here we are nine and a half hours later …. can you guess where we are from this picture?

How about from this picture?

Okay here is the big reveal 🙂

Rarotongo, Cook Islands

Until next time …

11 thoughts on “The Rest of the Night

  1. I suspected because of all the walking, the milling crowd, then the bus that you going out to the tarmac for a foreign airline. Very nice that you got that seat upgrade. I think that Air New Zealand is supposed to be very good. Curious as to the why of your location but I am sure that it will all be revealed as you post. Have a great day in the sunshine.

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  2. My daughter loved it there. I must say, your waiting area that reminded you of a bus depot reminds me of Bangkok airport. For sure. Have fun. Looking forward to your updates

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