And We Are Off On a New Adventure – Leg One

Today we said goodbye to Maxx and left him in our wonderful neighbours care.

We hopped in the truck, waved goodbye to the vegetable fields surrounding our resort.

Passed through the California Inspection station, where they fortunately waved us through because I did have my lunch of peppers and celery with me. Although I remember crossing through another inspection station and they said they didn’t care about the peppers, celery, or cucumbers that I had with me that day. I think they are mostly looking for citrus fruit.

We waved goodbye to the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Made a quick stop at Dillards in El Centro to replace a pair of leggings I purchased on my birthday last Sunday that turned out to have two holes in them. I tried to replace them in Yuma but they didn’t have my size so we had to make this stop.

After El Centro, CA we came to the Border Inspection Station on SR 86 just before the turn off to Borrego Springs, CA.

We didn’t turn off to Borrego Springs, but carried on along SR 86.

Three and a half hours later we have arrived at hubby’s cousins place in Palm Desert. We will spend the night here visiting with them and I’m sure a bottle of wine or two may be consumed 🙂

Tomorrow we will be off on Leg Two of our adventure so stay tuned …

Oh and for those of you tracking fuel prices, we topped the tank off at Sam’s Club in Palm Desert for $3.589 a gallon for diesel, a lot more than the $2.599 a gallon we paid at Fry’s in Yuma yesterday 😦

Until next time …

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