Snow :-)

Unfortunately, at least for me, we had a green Christmas, but Boxing Day came through with a skiff of snow 🙂

The Delta Grand Hotel, in downtown Kelowna, look pretty with a fresh snowfall.

Tonight we met friends at Craft Beer Market where they have over 100 beers on tap. Okay that was the reason hubby and our friends wanted to go, but I was all about watching the first game of the World Junior Hockey Tournament where Canada was playing Denmark.

Before we met up hubby and I wandered along Water Street to take in the lights and all the action at the outdoor skating rink.

The Spirit Bear looked pretty at night with all the lights.

We enjoyed a great dinner, a few drinks, and a lot of awesome conversation, not to mention a great hockey game, with our friends.

Kelowna is just as pretty at night as it is during the day!

And our evening ended with Canada winning Denmark fourteen – zero, not bad for our first game of the tournament 🙂

Until next time …

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