Oh, What To Say

I really struggle with writing a blog when we are hanging out in Yuma because I just don’t feel like I have much to say. Yes we are having a great time and every time somebody says, “What did you do today” I am at a loss for words. No we didn’t sit around and do nothing all day, we did lot’s, but honestly nothing I think others are interested in hearing about. I don’t think you care how I made soup, or hubby spent the morning installing our new patio blocks, or he washed the truck, or I washed the windows, or we went for a bike ride or long walk, or we had happy hours with friends, etc. … and then I think … well I read blogs where they tell me all about that and I find it interesting so I should write about it … but no nobody will find my stuff interesting … and there in lies my blogging dilemma 🙂

Sunrise on my morning walk.

Anyway that is what is running through my head so here is what I came up with for today’s blog.

And a few hours later … Eddie the egret catching some shade 🙂

Today was the Welcome Back Party in Los Algodones, Mexico. I have written about Algodones before but to sum it up, Wikipedia describes it as … Los Algodones, Mexico is a popular tourist attraction that, due in part to inexpensive shopping and restaurants as well as inexpensive medical care and prescription medicines, attracts a number of older tourists from across the United States and Canada. Well I’m not sure I like being referred to as “older tourists” but the rest up the Wikipedia description pretty well sums it up!

Dancing at the Welcome Back Party

There is a large seating area under a tent to watch the stage.

A lot of people come to take in the free drinks and meals!

People who visit Algodones (you will notice that those that visit regularly drop the “Los” from the name) generally go down for dental, optical, prescription drugs or in our case the Margaritas. Yup we don’t need any of the other main reason for visiting but you just can’t deny that having a drink in one of the many plaza restaurants, sitting in the sun listening to music and people watching, isn’t a great way to enjoy an afternoon. Although I have found this year that Tequila just isn’t agreeing with me so a Corona has taken the place of the custom Margaritas, but the entertainment factor is still there 🙂

We decided to eat at one of the open air restaurants and the food was really good!

You can turn this sign either way depending on whether or not you want vendors to try and sell you stuff.

I was awake for many hours last night worrying about whether or not it was the right thing to do going across into Mexico given all the issues there have been at the Western US/Mexico Border Crossings lately, but hubby and our friends thought it wasn’t a problem, and I didn’t want to be a sissy, so I went. And since you are reading a blog from me tonight you can probably guess that yes I was being a sissy and there were no problems … well in this case I was happy to be the sissy that is sitting comfortably back in her RV in the US!

Apparently a lot of people agreed with hubby and our friends because there were a lot of people in Algodones for the Welcome Back Party. We had a fun day watching the entertainment, watching other people, and having a great lunch, before heading back across the border.

This young lady was on the stage when we headed back to the border crossing … she was very good!

If you have ever stood at the border crossing line in Algodones you will know how far back we were in line by the view in this picture!

I think it took us almost an hour and a half to cross back into the US, but the time seem to go quickly as we chit chatted with people in line … well hubby chit chatted a lot and I listened and chit chatted with our friends ☺

So folks that was the best I could come up with today, but trust me when I say each of our days are busy and full of things we like to do … even if I don’t think others would find our antics entertaining 🙂

Until next time …


16 thoughts on “Oh, What To Say

  1. Nice to hear from you. I blog actually as an on line diary of we do do as full-time rv’ers. If people don’t find it interesting they don’t have to read.
    Love going to Algodones have been there many times over the years and am sure we will get back there again this year.

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  2. You’re post was still entertaining. I can relate to your blogging struggles. When we’re sitting in one location for an extended time, I find myself needing to dig deeper for blog inspiration. Good to know Algodones hasn’t been effected.

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  3. Would love to see photos of the new brick patio and anything else you care to share!
    I don’t consider Algodones Mexcio to be a part of the real Mexico. It is a town conveniently located at the border developed as you say for tourism. It would be one the last places that could be politically affected as it has no main connections to mainland Mexico and certainly is not considered a border crossing point. So feel safe to go on down and enjoy your adult beverages.

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  4. Enjoyed you post. LOL – it does seem weird to try to sum up what you’ve been doing but really it is just living in a different environment. You still get groceries, you still clean, cook, do laundry, wash cars but just in different parks, stores, city streets, restaurants and with different site mates. With the dogs we are committed to exercise so daily explorations are key for us. Good to hear from you and while I must say how much we are enjoying exploring Vancouver Island – we sure miss this sun and warmth. Next year again for sure. The sun is rising as we speak here today so will be outside shortly. Happy December you two. 🙂

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  5. As George mentioned, our Blog is also an On-Line Diary of the daily things we do. As you, we don’t think others will find our going-on’s that interesting but the RV Community is like a family that looks out for one another. There are also people who cannot travel so do so through our Blogs. They cheer for our good times and cringe for the bad.
    You had a very interesting day that most people would love to read about.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  6. Your blog is never boring. I do completely understand what you mean about finding content that is of interest to others, and I agree that when we read other folks blogs about their day that we do find them entertaining.
    Looks like another great year in Yuma. We hope to be back there next year.
    Keep us up to date on what you guys are up to! 🙂

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  7. I, also just write about our day. Not necessarily considering what others find boring. It’s what we did to fill our day. Yours is not boring at all, even if you said you washed floors, went shopping or darned your socks (haha) It is fun to read and look at others pictures.
    Nice to hear about Algodones as I’d hoped it hadn’t changed any. We love going at least once over the winter for teeth cleaning, glasses and/or a margarita!

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  8. I find it funny when people think of our time in the Sunbelt as a ‘Vacation’. When we were still working and went to Mexico or Hawaii for a holiday it included lots of beach lounging, reading and sightseeing.
    Now that we LIve here part-time, life is as busy or even busier than at home. Our days are completely filled with activities, socializing, projects (send some Patio pics please, and I might want to hire Mr. Maxx) and general merriment. I can’t remember the last time I sat down and read while the Sun was up.
    Not all of it is, or should be of interest to our readers, but we are certainly enjoying it, aren’t we?

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    • So true Rod! We just live life in a few different locations throughout the year. Yes I will post some pics of the addition to the patio one of these days, but I am keeping Mr Maxx pretty busy and I have a long list of projects for him 😊


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