Thanksgiving Times Three

Life in Yuma has settled into a nice routine and the weather has been warm and sunny 🙂

We were given this Finch feeder when we were in Palm Springs and we are really enjoying watching the Finches while they entertain us with their antics.

Today was a busy day preparing our third Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year. Our first was with my Sister and Brother-in-law before we left home on Canadian Thanksgiving. Our second was a few days later with hubby’s sister and her family, and today was our third, celebrating US Thanksgiving. You can never have enough turkey and we have so much to be thankful for so celebrating three times didn’t seem unreasonable.

I cooked a sixteen pound bird so we have lot’s of leftovers for sandwiches and a big batch of soup, which I will make tomorrow.

A few days ago I put up our Christmas decorations inside. I usually decorate on November 25th, whether we are travelling or not since our decorations have no problem moving down the road with us, but we are heading home for Christmas earlier this year so I decided to put up the decorations earlier so that I could enjoy them for the same amount of time.

The angel has been our tree topper since our first Christmas together.

Today was the day to put up our outside decorations so that is what hubby and I did while the turkey was cooking. It sure is nice to decorate outside in the warmth rather than during cold snowy weather 🙂

All of our decorations run off solar power, and a few like the wreaths on the screen run off batteries.

And that was our day today, I hope all of our American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday … we certainly enjoyed your holiday, thanks for having us 🙂

Until next time …


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