Well I’m Glad We Got That Sorted Out!

Holly, our GPS, and I had a pretty big disagreement yesterday morning and it took a lot of negotiating but we finally came to a resolution. Holly wanted to take us out to I-5 and through the Los Angeles area on our way to Palm Desert, I, for what I think are pretty obvious reasons … TRAFFIC … didn’t want anything to do with that plan! I thought we should take Highway 43 down to Bakersfield, I-58 to Victorville, and then make our way into Palm Desert. So in order to try and convince her I started adding small towns along Highway 43 as waypoints thinking she would get the hint, but she was stubborn and wasn’t having anything to do with that. So hubby drove along and ignored her while I gave him directions from our map book. It took about half an hour before she finally gave up on I-5 and LA but then she was pretty focused on I-99. Hubby doesn’t like I-99 because it’s concrete and very rough and we have used Highway 43 before and knew it was a nice smooth two lane highway … much more relaxing. That ensued another half hour of ignoring her until we finally got close to Bakersfield and she finally gave in, although I had to make a small concession and take a different turn into Victorville, but I felt I could concede on that point. After an hour of bickering and ignoring her, Holly and I both calmed down and we got along for the rest of the day. Just goes to prove you still need to travel with paper maps and double check your GPS routes.

Highway 43, isn’t it a nice road? And hardly any traffic!

And I-58 … why would we want to drive through LA traffic? The traffic once we joined I-10 in Morena Valley was bad enough without adding LA to the mix!

And that was pretty much our day. With a few stops for road construction we had seven hours of driving, which is more than double what we usually do, so by the time we checked into the RV Park in Desert Hot Springs we were ready to have dinner, go up to the hot tub, and then headed off to bed.

Until next time …


14 thoughts on “Well I’m Glad We Got That Sorted Out!

  1. I like to plan our journey on google maps then use that app on my i-phone and that is the way it takes us no problem. A real cool gps that you can program.
    Love Desert hot springs, it’s been a few years always enjoyed Catalina Spa and the hot tubs there.

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  2. You are too funny! I now what you mean though..sometimes ours wants to send us the most ridiculous ways. Never do we want to get anywhere near LA! Scary! Sounds like a great end to the day though!

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