A Walk Through The Redwoods

The second walk we wanted to do was at the Big Trees Day Use Area. To get to the trail you have to follow Mattole Road which is very narrow and winds through large redwoods … the key thing to get from this … don’t bring your RV with you!

Walking into the forest it really stuned me, it smells like Christmas and is so very silent. I wanted to say something but all that came out was a faint sound of awe and I spoke in a whisper to hubby not wanting to disturb the silence.

As you stand in the forest you are amongst the tallest living trees. You gaze up hundreds of feet to their towering canopy and spread your arms around a fraction of the ninety plus circumference. It is just awe inspiring!

Every step we took was cushioned with a springy softness from the tree needles. Nurse logs shelter tiny insects and animals and eventually turns into dark, rich, living soil with ferns and new life bursting from their trunks.

I could stop looking up in awe at the size and beauty of these trees.

We just kept walking and enjoying the sites, the smell, and the peacefulness.

With a final look up we said our silent goodbyes to this amazing part of nature and headed back to Maxx.

We would have loved to walk even further but it just felt like it was time to leave and enjoy the memories we had of this day.

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Redwoods

  1. I’m glad you got to enjoy the beauty of these redwoods! We’ve gone to that area several times over the years starting as kids ourselves and then with our kids and grandkids..Love it every single time!

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