Founders Grove, Avenue of the Giants, California

I have written about travelling Avenue of the Giants with an RV four years ago so check out this blog if you want more information. We chose to spend two nights at the Ancient Redwoods RV Park near the start of the route so that we could stop along the way and take some of the hikes, which we were not able to do last time when we had Maxx in tow. Our first stop was Founders Grove, which honestly isn’t a hike but more of a stroll. The trail is a half mile through well maintained paths, in total about a twenty minute walk with no elevation changes.

As you enter the forests you are greeted by the Founders Tree which is 346.1 feet tall, 12.7 feet in diameter, 40 foot circumference, and 190.4 feet to it’s lowest limb!

It’s a long way to the top of the tree!

Walking through the forest you can’t help but feel small and insignificant but in the best way possible. These majestic, massive trees tower over the forest. Redwoods are so immense that they live in three climatic zones at once. The base of each tree is one set of climatic conditions, the stem in another, and the crown in yet another.
Redwoods need a great deal of moisture to survive and the sixty-five inches of rain per year, along with the fog this area receives, help to provide this moisture. A very large Redwood can release up to five hundred gallons of water back into the air each day. As the Redwoods age some can no longer withstand winds and rain and they topple to the ground, making way for new growth to obtain sunlight and grow to great heights.

This tree is known as the Dyerville Giant

The Dyervill Giant stood in this forest for as long as 1,600 years and was taller, larger, and older than any other tree around it. Before it fell it was at least 362 feet tall … that is two hundred feet taller than Niagara Falls or comparable to a thirty story building! It is 17 feet in diameter, 52 feet in circumference, and most likely was over a million pounds.
When this giant fell on March 24, 1991 a park neighbour, who lives a mile away, heard the noise and thought a train had crashed.

Our twenty minute walk took us over an hour as we enjoyed the immense beauty and incredible silence with these immense Redwoods.

The burls on this tree were pretty cool.

As we continued on down Avenue of the Giants we followed along the Eel River, which added its own special beauty to the route.

Until next time …

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