Off to Newport, Oregon

And guess what … there was no fog! Lot’s of dark, and some low, clouds but no fog. Most of our drive was good but a half hour out of Newport, Oregon the rain started and by the time we got to the RV Park it was really coming down which made for a couple of drenched people doing our set-up 😦
This is our third attempt travelling down the Oregon coast, and one coming up the coast, in hopes of hitting nice weather but I just don’t think that is something that happens in the fall or spring.
I’m about ready to give up. It is a nice drive and we know we are safe from snow but it’s not a cheap trip. RV parks are expensive and we use more fuel climbing hills and fighting winds.Don’t get me wrong it is well worth the trip and the views are beautiful! If you do it, make the trip south rather than north, the road winds its way along the coast but we have never had a problem towing a thirty-five foot fifth wheel. All the viewpoints are accessible heading south only and travelling north the road is narrow because there are rock cliffs along many portions of the highway in California and southern Oregon. Also if you are big rig continue on Highway 101 in California; do not take Highway 1 along the California coast, it is not meant for big rigs!We will carry on down the coast and who knows maybe the sun will appear but even if it doesn’t, it is still a nice drive and way better than travelling I-5 🙂

There were a lot of boats in Tilamook Bay which is a popular fishing area for Dungeness Crab, Shiner Perch, Kelp Greenling, Coho and Chinook Salmon, Cockle, and Black Rockfish.

To add to the bad weather we were very disappointed in the Port of Newport RV Park! We have always stayed here because the location is great and we enjoy the views over the harbor. The price use to be $37.80 per night with full hook-ups and our Good Sam discount, which was pricey but not a lot more than the state park nearby, and we had full hook-ups plus a laundry room … and it was an easy walk to Rogue Brewing 🙂 They have now raised their prices to $50.09 with the Good Sam discount, that’s a $12.29 per night increase and it is just not worth that! So this will be our last stay. If we come back to Newport again we will stay at South Beach State Park, which is $31.00 for a site with electricity. We would have gone there but we really wanted to flush out our tanks so we needed full hook-up, and maybe we wanted one last walk over to Rogue Brewery.

Hubby had the Pumpkin Patch Ale on the right and I had the Gose and both were very good. The Gose uses sea salt that the brewing crew hand harvested from Yaquina Bay outside the brewery … I thought that was pretty cool!

After our visit to Rogue we had to go and fuel up the truck so we thought a visit to the Taphouse was also in order 🙂

I had the Cali Creamin Nitro from Mother Earth Brewery (on the left) and it was really good, hubby had the Wokau Blackberry Wheat from Wolf Tree and he enjoyed it as well.

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Off to Newport, Oregon

  1. What the…? How on earth do they justify cranking the rates up like that? Even with the convenience of a brewery nearby, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back there. Astoria has always been on my travel wish list and those pics don’t help 🙂

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  2. We are constantly finding ourselves outraged by the prices we’re seeing in these campgrounds. There is just not enough supply to keep up with the demand, and the campgrounds are realizing they can charge whatever they want. It’s irritating, to say the least. We were just in Newport at South Beach and thought it was a pretty nice park. It is too bad there are not more full hook up state parks along the coast though. I totally understand wanting to have hook ups for a couple days to deal with the necessities. It’s just too bad these places take full advantage.

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    • I’m glad to hear South Beach was nice, we will definitely stay there next time! As I write this it is 2:30 in the morning and we are in another expensive gravel parking lot in Crescent City, CA. I can’t sleep because they have a real problem with bikes being stolen off RVs in Crescent City and every little noise wakes me up … here’s hoping ours are still there in the morning.


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