And We Are Off!

We woke up to thick fog 😦

I always have this funny feeling the day we embark on our winter adventures. I’m so sad to leave family and friends, scared of having an accident or getting into a scary situation in a town we don’t know, and because I like to be totally in control I get scared of going to places I have never been … but then there is also excitement to see new places, meet new people, and especially catch up with our winter friends.  So with these mixed feelings hubby and I set off for our 2018/2019 Snowbird Adventures 🙂

The fog still hadn’t let up.

Crossing the border was incredibly easy, we showed our passports and gave him the plate number for Maxx, said where we were going and for how long, responded to the food question with “dry goods, and condiments, but no fresh fruits or vegetables” and we were on our way! No Agriculture search which we always get when we cross at Osoyoss, B.C. but never get anywhere else … I have no idea why.

The fog never really did let up, although there were brief periods where it would lift a little but it never lasted long.

Other than the usual Saturday traffic through Seattle and a half hour delay due to an accident on I-5, we arrived at Camp Walmart in Lacey, Washington safely. Our plan was to stay there, like we have many times before, but it was a little sketchy and the staff were rude when we went in to buy groceries so we left … and it was a good move! We went across the interstate to Cabela’s and enjoyed a quiet evening with beautiful views 🙂

Until next time …


8 thoughts on “And We Are Off!

  1. Good news on the border crossing. I think that at our border crossing they are bored. When we crossed last month the agent really wanted to chat about our travels. I understand how you feel about leaving home and heading to new adventures but the anxiety should lessen a few days in, once you get your travel groove back. Enjoy the moment.

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  2. Good choice for overnight … looks like you were the “lonely only” in that area!! Just a thought about the Osoyoos crossing … maybe lots of people purchase and then try to smuggle BC’s great fruit and veggies back over the border??

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    • By the time it got dark there were lot’s of other units there but the way that parking lot is set up we had lots of space. That thought did cross my mind about Osoyoos, but others have said they are bored and looking for things to do … not sure the reason but for the past twenty years we have always had an inspection.


  3. So totally get your mixed feelings when leaving. Almost a reluctance but once underway it retreats. I always used to think it was leaving my pets – I get that feeling every time I leave home but I now realize it’s just leaving period. Fog would make it even more melancholy. It’s easier now that I am aware of it. Happy trails 😊

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