A Fun Week In Edmonton

We left Abbotsford on a nice sunny day on our flight to Edmonton.

Normally we would have gone for a visit Thanksgiving weekend and flown from Kelowna but that weekend didn’t work out for our son’s. Plan B was to get Maxx over the Coquihalla before the snow hit and fly from Abbotsford, which worked out well since we got an awesome deal on the flights … $116.00 return for the two of us on Flair Air! No that’s not a typo, the flight to Edmonton was $39.00 each and the return flight was only $9.00 each 🙂

It wasn’t long after we departed Abbotsford before we were flying in bright blue sky above the clouds.

As we approached Edmonton we had to drop back below the clouds and were greeted with snow 😦 It was cold and the white stuff was falling as we headed to our son’s house.

We had a great week which involved lot’s of snuggles; pedicures, lunch, and shopping with my daughter-in-laws; and shared meals and walks with our son’s and their families. All to soon it was time to fly back to Maxx so with our last cheery “Good Morning Grandma & Grandpa, how are you today?” wake-up greeting from our two year old grandson, we loaded the car and head to the airport. The weather went from snow and 0C to bright sunny skies and 22C the day we left!

Soon we had flown past the snowy Rocky Mountains and were treated to beautiful aerial views of forests changing color.

What I think is Harrison Lake in British Columbia.

And the sunny Fraser Valley!

We had a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday, 24C, and more of those days to follow for the rest of the week. This morning we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise that pictures just don’t do justice.

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “A Fun Week In Edmonton

  1. So nice to give the GK’s a squeeze!
    Good planning to get Maxx over to the ‘hill’ to the non-snowy side. Should make the trip south a bit less stressful.
    Enjoy! Wish we were going to AZ this year. Not liking the traffic here on the East Coast of the US.

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  2. What a nice trip to see your sons and families. What a change though, views from the plane. Green to white and then thankfully green again. You’re having beautiful temperatures. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

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