Maxx’s Wheels Are A Turnin

Well our almost seven months at Bear Creek Provincial Park have come to an end and now Maxx has his nose into the wind heading to Abbotsford, British Columbia. In theory that sounds easy but he has to get over the “Highway Thru Hell” first!

I will end our time at the park with the last of my pictures from my many walks.

Our last few days at the park were busy. We are so fortunate to have good friends and family that want to squeeze visits into every last minute 🙂 On Saturday we had a visit from my cousin, and her husband and daughter. She was dropping off our Christmas present and for the life of me I couldn’t find theirs to give them. You would think that living in a small space would make it easy to find it but nope, and I looked high and low, but I just don’t know where I put it! That visit was followed by a visit from old friends and was enjoyed around the fire. They had no sooner left and my sister and brother-in-law arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great time sitting around the fire, enjoying turkey dinner followed by a few hours of Ramoli … a family tradition during holiday dinners 🙂 And for those of you who have wondered … yes you can make a full turkey dinner in an RV … tonight’s turkey was sixteen pounds, accompanied by all the trimmings, and was absolutely delicious.

On Sunday we headed over to our daughter’s place to drop off Christmas presents, drop off things that don’t go south with us, and pick up things that do go south with us. We had said goodbye to them last Sunday, and our daughter at lunch last Wednesday because they were in Edmonton this weekend visiting her brothers. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning up our campsite, closing down the pamphlet rack, cleaning out planters, and putting everything away for the winter. Sunday night we enjoyed one last visit with the park manager and his wife and just like last year a we had lot of laughs!

Today we are all packed up and hoping that the Coquihalla Highway, know as the Highway Thru Hell, holds up and the snow stays on the sides of the roads so that we can get to hubby’s sisters place in Abbotsford.

I will end our time at the park with the last of my pictures from my many walks.

If we are successful we will spend two nights there and then Maxx will hold down the fort while we fly to Edmonton for a week long visit with our two son’s and their families.

And it just wouldn’t be right to end 2018 at the park without a picture of Furb and Phineas!

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “Maxx’s Wheels Are A Turnin

    • Thanks Ingrid. I have also misplaced a Christmas present I bought our youngest grandson last year … I found it once in the spring and now that I’m packing for our trip to Edmonton it has disappeared again! At the rate I’m going he may get it when he turns 18 🙂

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