Another Blogger Meeting :-)

Last Wednesday we came home, after looking after our grandchildren for the evening, to find a pleasant surprise sitting on the table outside Maxx.

A selection of beer all the way from Ontario ☺

We were puzzled as to who had left us this nice little surprise but fortunately the beer did come with a note … a rather wet note since it had rained all evening. It turns out the beer was left for us by Adventure Dawgs a blogger from Ontario. I have followed her blog, which is all about her travels with her three dogs, for many years now and really enjoy it. She was in BC for a visit and decided to stop at our park for the night. We were able to have a quick visit the next morning and I really hope our paths cross again.

Hubby is in full prep mode for our trip south this winter and spent a day last week waxing the rear of Maxx, and it looks awesome!

I forgot to take a before picture but you can see how bad it was in the section he hasn’t completed yet.

All done, and the ladder even got a coat of paint!

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “Another Blogger Meeting :-)

  1. So nice to have a fellow blogger drop by and leave a gif, Geat that you to meet her as well. Looks like you will be soon ready to hit the road again . Rig looks awesome !

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