A Walk Through Kelowna’s Waterfront Park

Since I promised to post more blogs showing how beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia is, hubby and I have been spending Wednesday’s wandering around the downtown area. I think I mentioned that our Fed Ex group (ex federal government employees) meets for coffee every Wednesday morning downtown so after coffee we have been walking around enjoying the sights and people watching.

If you want to park right downtown there is plenty of street parking ($1.25 an hour, for a two hour maximum) or you can park for longer than two hours by using one of the parkades. If you don’t mind a short walk you can park on the street just outside of the downtown core for free (up to two hours). We park in the free two hour parking and walk down to coffee, after coffee we move the truck to a different location and then walk around some more.

Located in Kelowna’s downtown core on Water Street next to the Grand Okanagan Resort lays Waterfront Park. As you enter the park you walk by The Dolphins … and no Okanagan Lake is not home to dolphins. 🙂 The sculpture is called Rhapsody and was also created by Robert Dow Reid, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of The Sails which was created by Robert Dow Reid.

Robert Dow Reid was born in Scotland and has always drawn inspiration from the sea. His grandfather was a sea captain, and Robert travelled the seas on whaling vessels in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Robert and his wife Isobel immigrated to Canada in 1958 and have lived in Kelowna since 1964.

The park is adorn with lush gardens and landscaping which is evident as you walk in.

A walk over the bridge gives your views of beautiful landscaping and condos lining the canal.

Once over the bridge you are greeted with sandy beaches, concession stands, washrooms, and a beach rental shop.

A boardwalk meanders along the waterfront all the way to City Park.

The Grand Okanagan Resort through the trees.

The park even contains a lock to allow boats to enter Okanagan Lake from the canal running along the high-rises and hotel.

The park is also home to Island Stage, which hosts many music events throughout the summer.

The stage is the blue roofed building. I forgot to take a picture but the stage is set in a bowl so that you can sit on the grassy hills and watch the performance.

I hope you enjoyed your walk through Waterfront Park as much as we did … it is definitely worth a visit if you are in Kelowna!

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “A Walk Through Kelowna’s Waterfront Park

  1. There is so much to see in this wonderful city of ours. Isn’t fun being a tourist in your own town? Thanks for the photos and teaching me about the boat lock. I had no idea.

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