Furb & Phineas

On Thursday we discovered Furb had a sibling who was quickly named Phineas.   All along we were pretty sure there were two baby Great Horned Owls but we only ever saw Furb, until Thursday when we spotted the entire family hanging out together in a tree, well Mr. & Mrs. G.H. Owl along with Phineas were in one tree and Furb was in his favorite tree across from them. We know Furb is three weeks old and we are pretty sure Phineas is older because he can fly much better than Furb.

This morning I went to look for them and they were all gone. The Park Manager told me both Furb and Phineas were back down on the ground which wasn’t good news since the park is full of young children and dogs. Young children like to run up and visit Furb but Furb’s parents are very protective and will swoop down on anyone who gets too close. Now dogs are another issue, they are suppose to be kept on leash while they are in the park but some people don’t think that applies to them and those dogs have no problems running after Furb :frown: In fact one small dog was almost on the loosing end when mama owl swooped!

We went on several walks today trying to find Furb, Phineas and their parents but they were very illusive. While we didn’t see the owls we did enjoy the smell of the wild roses that are starting to bloom.

As we were making dinner hubby looked out the window and noticed Furb hiding in the bottom of a tree.

Daddy owl was right above Furb keeping an eye on him. Mommy owl was in another tree fighting off the crows.

Furb hung out at the bottom of the tree while we ate dinner. Hubby had to make many trips outside to keep people away from him while we ate.

Just after dinner we looked out the window and saw him climbing up to a higher branch.

Thinking he was safe we decided to go for a walk.  But before we got to far Furb had fallen back out of the tree and was down on the ground again.

We went for a quick walk past my plum tree and noticed it is loaded with fruit.

When we arrived back at our site there was a crowd around our truck … yup there was Furb sitting in front of our tire, he was trying to move to a safer spot.

It didn’t take him long to scurry across in front of the shed and start climbing up another tree.

I’m sure Furb is thinking “Phew I’m almost there!”

Around the time Furb was almost settled mama owl took off after a group of crows and that is when we finally noticed Phineas up in a tree.

As I walked back to Maxx I noticed Furb was giving himself a good cleaning and once that was done he settled down for the night.

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Furb & Phineas

    • Well I hope your mice disappear, I like the squirrels. Our Great Horned Owls feed their little ones the things I hate most in the world so I am SO HAPPY they are here 🙂


  1. Man, that Furb is a hot mess, huh? “Just stay in the tree, Furb!! Focus!!” Haha. Your photos are awesome and I am very much enjoying the trials and tribulations of this little owl family. Hopefully the campers there will do what they can to respect and protect these little guys. It sounds like it’s gonna take a village to get poor Furb through adolescence because he’s a bit of a klutz. 🙂

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  2. Poor little Furb. He seems to be having such a rough time. I can’t blame people for being curious (heck I’ve never seen a Great Horned Owl either) but the little guy needs his space. Although I’m guessing a protective owl mom helps to get that point across.

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