Is The Bridge Coming Down?

Last year several trees came down on the bridge causing major damage. Later in the year three other trees were topped to avoid further damage but a large section of the trunks were left for nesting birds. Fast forward to May 3rd of this year and now two of those trees were ready to topple into the creek, which could possibly cause the creek to dam and create more problems, so they were removed.

Equipment was brought in to pull them out before they fell in, so we spent a fun few hours watching them work.

Once the trees were removed all was going well until six days later, 9 May 2018, when we had a day of significant rainfall and the level of the creek rose … now there was a new problem. The rising water was moving fast and washing out the footing on one side of the bridge that crosses over Bear Creek to a section of the campground.

The third tree that was topped last year was also slowly falling into the creek.

The park manager made the decision to move those camping on the other side of the bridge back to the main campground just in case something happen to the bridge overnight. Several of us hung out waiting to see the tree fall in but we finally gave up when it was to dark to see. The next morning around 5:30 I walked across the bridge to check out the damage and while I was looking at a washed out section of the road …

I heard a creek and looked up to watch the tree fall gracefully into the creek. It happened so fast I didn’t get a picture :frown:

You can see the roots of the third tree in the water being held up by the cement footing.

Hubby spent the next day keeping traffic and looky loos away while repairs where made.

The closed sites where opened just in time for the weekend rush 🙂

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “Is The Bridge Coming Down?

    • Other than the creak it made just as it started to topple it was so quiet, but as soon as it hit the water it made enough noise that when I called hubby he knew right away that I was calling to say the tree came down, he had heard it hit the water!

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  1. I’m surprised at how quickly part of the road washed away. Having to keep look loos away from road repairs must make you shake your head. It’s pavement folks, you don’t have to leave a city to watch it get fixed.

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