Spring Flowers, A Sunset, And The End Of SR101

Yesterday’s blog was getting long so I saved our Long Beach, Washington pictures for today’s blog.

Spring has come to the west coast, I saw my first wild flower ☺

After setting up in the RV Park we did some chores, had dinner, and then headed out to the beach to watch the sun set.

The nice thing about Long Beach is you can drive out on the sand and head in either direction for many miles. We didn’t go to far since we have driven this beach before, this time we chose to just sit and admire the view.

As we left Long Beach we waved goodbye to the Pacific Ocean and headed inland to Olympia, Washington where we joined I-5 for the rest of our trip to Canada.

Our original plan was to spend the night in a Walmart parking lot in Lacey, Washington but the thought of three nights at a state park on the coast of Washington was to appealing.

Traffic backed up, because of an accident, as we approached Tacoma, Washington. We were delayed a half-hour as emergency vehicles tried to get through three lanes of bumper to bumper traffic.

We watched these guys out hubby’s window between the cab and trailer of the semi next to us. There were very patient as they tried to get vehicles to move over.

Our biggest concern with that delay was that we would hit the start of rush hour traffic in Seattle, but fortunately the express lane was open going north so we sailed right through Seattle … what a bonus!

Heading under Seattle.

And hardly any traffic!

We are now settled in a nice spot at Bay View State Park until Thursday when we will make the less than two-hour drive to hubby’s sister’s place in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Until next time …



7 thoughts on “Spring Flowers, A Sunset, And The End Of SR101

  1. I’m sure it was sad to leave the Pacific Ocean, what beautiful pictures of the sun off the water!
    However, the park is probably beautiful where you are staying for a bit. Enjoy!

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