Driving SR101 :-)

I wasn’t going to write about this because I’m not comfortable giving people advice on what roads to travel … it’s all relative to your own comfort level and experience … but I have had some questions so I decided to give a few more details about the things we have learned. Please do your own research as well.

First off all of my comments are about SR101 not SR1. SR1 is not recommend for RV’s so we have never driven it.

Unlike what you may have heard we did not see any signs stating RVs could not travel SR101. You will need to watch where you plan to enter or exit SR101 as many of the access highways have signs stating rigs can not be more than 30 feet from kingpin to rear axel. On SR101 the only signs we saw restricted the combine length to 65 feet for most of the route however one section was 60 feet combined length.

There are some areas that are two lanes and windy, but not that many and we didn’t have any trouble towing Maxx (we are 54 feet combined). There are many areas were the route is four lanes as well. I think I mentioned this before but, there are almost no rest areas that you can access when traveling north as they are all on the other side of the highway. When traveling south there are lots of places to pull over but of course it will depend on the amount of people stopped as to whether there is room to pull in an RV.

Generally we fill up once we have set up for the night and don’t have Maxx along, but there were gas stations along the way that you could easily pull into with an RV.

Finding a place to stay was never a problem, although we usually know where we are stopping ahead of time, but most of the RV and state parks we saw along the way had vacancies … this would definitely not be the case if you took this route in the summer.

I hope this information helps you if you are planning to take this route … and I do recommend it if you are comfortable with your research … it truly is a beautiful drive!

We spent our time yesterday walking and driving around Newport enjoying the sights. I will let the pictures tell the story.

We drank our morning coffee and watched the fishing boats go out, and then the fishermen cleaning their fish upon their return.

We enjoyed some time in the Nye Beach area of Newport.

And then we drove over to Newport Harbor and wandered around.

The area is full of trendy shops and restaurants

With seaside businesses mixed in.

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Driving SR101 :-)

  1. Thanks for this post! We loved traveling south on 101 towing a 35 foot fifth wheel. We started in Washington and followed the highway to northern California. The views from the many pullouts were spectacular and the Washington and Oregon state parks were great places to camp.


  2. The first time we were on that route was in a car in 1975. We started one day in Grant’s Pass at 104 F and by the afternoon in Newport it was 54 F. We have been through a couple more times, and that 54 degrees was the warmest temps we’ve seen in Newport. Needless to say, nobody should ever drive 101 when we do!

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    • Haha, well up to this trip that is probably the highest temps we have had in this area as well but yesterday we hit low 60s. And it wasn’t raining! That’s also the first time that had happened.


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