More Amazing Views :-)

It was good news when we woke up yesterday morning and we hadn’t floated away in the Walmart parking lot … that was some rainstorm we had, but by morning the skies had cleared.

Our normal travel day’s range in the area of three to three and a half hours, but lately we having been putting in much longer days. If we were heading south down the Oregon coast we would definitely plan to drive no more than three hours to our next destination because there are so many pullouts to stop and admire the views along the way.

We were happy to be using the bridge to cross Coos Bay. The last time we came this way the bridge was closed and we had to drive through narrow, twisty, residential roads around the bay … it was not a fun trip!

The first hour of our day was through tree lined highway.

On this trip, where we are heading north, we are treated to amazing views but there are only a few pullouts that you can access from the northbound lane and most of those have not been big enough for us.

And then the sun started to peak through the clouds and the ocean appeared!

And the rest of our two and a quarter hour drive was completed with ocean views.

The other reason we have pulled some longer travel days was to gain a few extra days to spend in state parks along the coast, and the first one was to be our stop for last night and tonight.  When we pulled into South Beach State Park there was only one section open for first come first serve and those sites were all to small for us so we went on to plan B. Instead of the state park we are spending a few days back at the Port of Newport Marina, a favorite of ours 🙂

From now on our travel days will only be a few hours and hopefully the weather cooperates and we can enjoy the extra time at our destinations.

And the weather did cooperate last night when we enjoyed a nice walk along the beach watching the sunset.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera but I got some okay pictures with my cell phone.

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “More Amazing Views :-)

  1. Great pictures. Even the cellphone ones are amazing. Thanks for sharing your drive. I REALLY need to get back there!
    I was wondering if there is a size (height and length) limit on the 101. I heard somewhere you couldn’t pull a trailer in excess of 25 feet. Obviously that is incorrect information. I read your blog on the Avenue of the Giants and yeah, that would freak me out.
    Enjoy the views!

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