Through The Redwoods

So let me digress a little … I have used the word “travelling” in many blogs, now I always spell it with two L’s and Microsoft Word is okay with that, but WordPress is not. WordPress would like me to use one L. Sometimes I go along with WordPress, other times I stick to my guns and use two L’s. So after I posted my blog yesterday morning I decided to look up the correct spelling and what did I find out? Well both spellings are correct Travelling (with two L’s) is the preferred spelling in British English and Traveling (with one L) is the preferred spelling in American English. Since Canadian English follows along the lines of British English, I will continue to use two L’s. And that is your English lesson for the day 🙂

As soon as we turned onto SR101 yesterday we could see the fog rolling in.

It was pretty thick for the first ten miles and then we came out of it, but that set the tone for the rest of our day … in and out of fog and rain ranging from light to heavy.

Shortly after we left Piercy, California there was a particularly narrow section with a massive redwood tree right beside the road, it was so close there were chunks missing from the side of the tree!

We really debated driving through Avenue of the Giants again, but it was raining and I was having a hard time getting any pictures, so we decided against it. We did that drive early on a Tuesday afternoon in October 2014, when there was little traffic. We had no problem driving it with Maxx along, but you do have to watch as many of the massive redwoods are near the road and some of their limbs hang low. If you are interest in our experience, you can read about it here.

So we continued on SR101 and did the section we missed when we took Avenue of the Giants and I have to say it was a pretty boring four-lane section. Well okay maybe boring is a little too harsh as the road followed along the Eel River and then through a forested area. You will have to take my word on this as there were low clouds and rain so I couldn’t get any pictures 😦

Yup this is all we saw out the front window!

The view was better out my side window but I got wet every time I put my window down ☺

As most Snowbirds know the best part of having jello solid plans is the ability for the jello to wiggle, and it wiggled once again yesterday. Our plan had been to stop for the night at a Passport America Park in Crescent City, California but, because the weather was so crappy, we decided to continue driving and stop in Gold Beach, Oregon for the night … but as we got closer to Gold Beach hubby decided he wanted to continue on to Coos Bay, Oregon, so that’s what we did. The best part of that plan was that fuel prices are much cheaper in Oregon than California … lets face it everything is cheaper in Oregon than California … so we were able to fill the truck up for todays travel with much cheaper fuel 🙂

We made the decision to carry on as we were entering Eureka, California, by the time we left Eureka the weather started to clear!

I was so excited when we finally rounded a corner and was reunited with the Pacific Ocean!

Until I was 13 I lived in Richmond, British Columbia where our house was on the shores of the Pacific Ocean … I never get tired of looking at it!

And then we were back to winding through the redwoods with more than the occasional view of the ocean … an awesome drive and one that never fails to amaze us! It was a long driving day but really today was all about the drive and the views so it was worth it 🙂

Until next time …

14 thoughts on “Through The Redwoods

  1. I agree about ‘travelling’ as in Microsoft Word it corrects me too. Sometimes I leave it and sometimes I stick to my guns as well. There are a few words spelled differently in American English and I debate the same change.
    A long driving day is perfectly fine if the driver is awake enough and willing to do it. We’ve been there, done that a few times and are already talking about making the jello jiggle in the very same way in a few days! Safe travels.
    ‘Your’ Pacific looks very regal!

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  2. What a beautiful drive! We love that area of the redwoods and on up the coast, have done it many times over the years. You are right that everything is cheaper then CA. the exception being alcohol. We’ve had many good times in Coos Bay with ATVs over the years. Love your English lesson haha.

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  3. We had fog off and on all day yesterday. One minute you had a lovely view, the next the ocean had disappeared. Same coast just a lot further south. You ended up at a good place for the night.

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