Starting Our Trek Home

We were both a little sad yesterday morning as we waved farewell to Cocopah and our winter friends 😦

Our two Bougainvillea’s will spend the next month guarding our neighbours golf screen and we left the two planters near the pad in place because they wanted to admire them from their windows ☺. When they leave they will put our planters behind our shed, to await our arrival next November.

We left home on September 21st last year so we have to be back in British Columbia earlier this year … and our fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates with this plan!

There was another sad moment when we crossed through our last Border Patrol checkpoint … you know you are heading north when the checkpoints stop.

Our first three nights will be spent in Desert Hot Springs. I think anybody who has complained about Yuma being to windy has never spent time in Desert Hot Springs … we always have heavy winds when we are here and yesterday was no exception!

It was nice yesterday when we pulled into our site and had no problems, and no squabbles 🙂 When you have been sitting in one place for four months that first parking job can sometimes be a challenge, but maybe because we have been doing this for so long, it now comes naturally. Okay I don’t truly believe that, I’m sure there will be an off day in our future but I’m happy it wasn’t at the start of our trip home!

Until next time …

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