A Holiday From Our Holiday!

Being south for the winter is hard work, so when hubby’s cousin from Palm Desert invite us for a visit we jumped at the chance to take a break from the tough life we have been living.  🙂

So after breakfast we left Maxx to fend for himself and we hopped in the truck for a long weekend away.

Since we didn’t have Maxx along we decided to take a new to us route to Palm Desert. Shortly after entering California we left I-8 and headed up Ogilby Road to Highway 78. We made a left on 78 and headed off toward Glamis, California. I read lots of blogs where people take this route with their RVs, but we saw so many places where vehicles had gouged the road coming out of the dips, that I’m not sure we would bring Maxx.

The main reason I wanted to take this route was to get a better look at the sand dunes. You can see the dunes as you drive west along I-8 but Highway 78 runs right through the middle.

We came across Hugh Osborne Overlook so of course we had to stop, if for no other reason than to get pictures.

For the first time ever during our travels south we had a long wait crossing through the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Highway 86 north of Brawley. We were lined up more than a half-mile back!  We did see the dog inspecting a pulled over vehicle… just like on TV … our grandson’s would have found that so interesting. 😀

A few hours after we left Maxx we pulled into hubby’s cousins driveway. The guys worked on installing solar panels on their motor home while the girls chatted, took a few walks and enjoyed life.

Until next time …

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