Woo Hoo We Bought A Race Horse :-)

And when I phoned our daughter to tell her we were now horse owners her comment was “I feel my inheritance running down the track away from me!”  And my thought was “Oh honey, you think you are still going to get an inheritance!” but I didn’t tell her that. 🙂

But before I get to how we managed to become horse owners I will start with last night’s activities at the horse races.

Once again we enjoyed an evening at the Horse Races held in the ballroom of our RV Park. Are any of you thinking these are real horses? If you are, give your head a shake and laugh at yourself because of course you can’t have real horses in the ballroom 😀

The room is set up with tables that seat about sixteen. If you have a group of sixteen you can sign up for a table, but if you are like us and you enjoy sitting with new people … hmm don’t know sixteen people who want to go to the horse races … you can sign up for a table in the Activity office before the event. We had a great table and met some fun new people.

Each table brings an item for dinner that will feed eight and the food was great, I brought a cheesecake which I haven’t made since we sold our house … hubby was a happy camper! Once everyone has eaten the tables are opened up for grazing. Grazing allows you to check out all the food tables in the ballroom and try out different items. Hubby and I were both full after eating our first plate so we didn’t participate in the grazing, but a lot of people did and there were some appetizing dishes.

After dinner the six horses and their jockey’s were introduced and the betting windows were opened for the first race.

Bronco Denver, Riding Giddy Up Go. We didn’t bet on him, although he had some great odds on the last race … but he didn’t win.

Godiva, riding Chocolot, we also we didn’t bet on her, but she will come into play later!

Joplin Janice riding Stoned Pony

The minimum bet is $1.00 but you can bet more. Hubby and I bet on Nurse Give Shot riding Bend Over because we knew her.

Ronald Rump riding Twit-Her because how could we not!

And Stewart Rod riding Maggie May, again was there any question!

This year we bet the same horses in all three races.

Once the bets were closed the horses lined up on stage and the race began.

One of the event organizers roles a dice and the horse that corresponds to the number on the dice moves forward one spot. The dice continue to roll until one of the horses reaches the finish line. Part way through the race the odds are announced, and no I don’t have any idea how they come up with the odds.

There are three races and it is very entertaining with everyone cheering on their horses. We didn’t win anything on the first race, but we won $12.00 on the second race and $20.00 on the third race. At that point with our other bets we were up $21.00.

Now here is where the horse ownership comes in … remember Godiva?

Well at the end of the third race the horses are put up for action and the highest bid wins that horse and will race it in the February horse races. We happen to be at the right table at the right time and were asked if we wanted to contribute $20.00 to bid on a horse for the February Owners race … heck yes we did! And our group was lucky enough to purchase Godiva riding Chocolat 🙂 😀

So on February 12th we will don our fanciest hats, because hats are big at horse races and there is a prize for the best one, cheer on Godiva and hopefully win a lot more money!

If you didn’t read the comments on yesterday’s blog you really have to go back and read Janina’s comment. Janina is from Australia and she had a lot of fun with my typo in the title of yesterday’s blog, which as originally published said “Why I Bog, Should I Change?”. I am still laughing at what she said, and so glad I made the typo!

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “Woo Hoo We Bought A Race Horse :-)

  1. Congratulations! I love the originality of the riders and horse names! Nurse Give Shot riding Bend Over!! hilarious!! thank you for the story. Good luck in February!

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