Why I Blog … Should I Change?

I had a comment on my blog yesterday that I have heard a few times. Part of the comment was “The real reason for a Blog is a way to remember when, where and why you did things. That alone should encourage you to Blog more often. I really do appreciate the comment and the first sentence is the exact reason I blog daily when we are traveling. However when we are sitting still for an extended period I never felt a daily blog was necessary.

Walking around the park is always interesting and I have pretty views as I walk. The best part about the vegetable fields is they are always changing … one crop may be lettuce the next one may be celery!

I read several daily blogs and find them interesting, but honestly those people are not as routine as we are. I wake up at the same time every day, start the day the same way everyday, we do our grocery shopping on the same day every week, eat the same things most of the time and do the same activities every week … are you thinking OCD … not to worry, that is also what most of my family thinks but, fortunately for me, they indulge me 🙂

I don’t need to write a daily blog to remember what we have done. For me blogging has always been about sharing stories and pictures that are different in our daily routine. Tonight we are attending the Horse Races at the ballroom and, as long as I get some good pictures, you can read all about them in tomorrow’s blog … those are the things I like to write about and have a record of.

We enjoy biking the many paths along the irrigation canals throughout Yuma.

However the comment made me think, which is great because I think that is what input should do! Should I be writing a daily blog? Would my readers find it interesting? Would they keep following me? It is food for thought and I will give it some consideration.

As one of my readers what do you think, should I write a daily blog?

It’s always nice to spend time at the pool ☺

And I know I don’t say this enough …. we really want to thank you for following us on our travels, your likes and comments are so much appreciated!

And we can always count on the hummingbirds to keep us entertained!

Until next time …


19 thoughts on “Why I Blog … Should I Change?

  1. Dear Maxx! Having a daily ‘bog’ is very good for your health and is better than one every 2 or 3 days. It is all dependent upon how much fibre you get into your diet. Over here, in Australia, a bog = a decidedly good poop, one that makes you feel heaps lighter afterwards. I highly recommend it! As for posting to your ‘blog’ on a daily basis, well, that’s really up to you, don’t you agree? Thanks for the huge giggle, I needed it! Cheeri-pip, from Janina. 🥗

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  2. As you know, I have really cut back on the frequency of our blog posts, which has a tendancy of making them too long when I try and catch up. Part of that is an increased level of business, and part a general increase of laziness. Whatever works for you works for your readers. We’re always happy to see that you’re enjoying yourselves.

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  3. Hi Maxx, well as you know I am one of those who chatter incessantly on my daily blog. I do that because “I” enjoy doing it. I have always loved to write words down either in a diary, poems or songs so this is natural for me. If it is boring to some, that is not my concern, I do it for my own satisfaction and my followers who read daily too.
    You have to do what you are comfortable with, for you and you will still have followers. One thing I do not enjoy is when a blogger skips 3 or 4 days and then does a catchup of those 3 or 4 days. That is too much reading and I lose interest. Just my 2 cents.
    PS – love Janina’s comment too! typos can be GREAT!

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    • Thanks for the input Patsy. I think you make a good point in that you enjoy blogging daily, and that’s great! I truly like to blog when I have something different in our day, for me that is what I want to capture. Plus as I said, we are pretty routine so a daily blog wouldn’t have much variety 🙂

      And I’m with you, I don’t like reading catch-up blogs and they loose my interest as well.


  4. I used to blog on a daily basis but the last few years I find that I am running out of time to spend on the computer so I try and post at least every second day if not everyday. I would love to have your daily routine but our lives always have drama in them. Such as the snake on our patio last night and then being told that someone is trying to capture and kill the beach dog we are feeding. I don’t have time to be on the computer while dealing with all these issues. Oh and then I went flying to the other end of the park in the dark when I found out that someone might be having a heart attack and not having a flashlight I fell and injured myself. So dinner was at 9:30PM and I finished doing a post at 11PM and I am still three days behind.

    I love to record all these things but I wish that things would slow down somewhat so that I can catch up:) We use my blog all the time to figure dates and events to recall certain memories thru my photos.

    I enjoy reading everything you post and am happy to see a new post appear when it does but I don’t care if it is once per week or every day.

    Do you think we could change place for a few weeks. Would love to have your life.

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    • Heck no I don’t want to trade places with you! Your life is way to complicated!! Other than I would love to be at your little piece of paradise in Mexico, but now that I hear you have those things on your patio I’m good were I am 🙂

      So sad about the dog, I sure hope she is okay.

      We also use my blog to go back on but I don’t need to blog everyday for that, so I will keep up as I am. I so appreciate that you enjoy it. I love to check in on your blog daily to see what trouble you have gotten into 🙂 You have enough going on to blog three times a day.

      Take care Contessa, I hope things slow down for you both soon.


  5. That was the point that I was trying to make all along. Glad it gave you food for thought as well as a few laughs.
    Catch-up blogs that happen on a regular basis loose my interest as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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    • It is always good to look at why you do things so I really appreciate the comment 🙂 And after all that thinking I like the way I blog so I will continue on that pattern. As you know I read several daily blogs, including yours, and I do enjoy them.


  6. I agree with the above….. When I started blogging I began to feel guilty when it had been a few days between posts – I felt like everyone was waiting for me! A huge weight to carry! I definitely think you should post when you feel like posting!

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  7. I thought your blogging was something to do while the ice maker was hard at work so you could pour another g&t. Hahaha. Say hi to 10:20 BOG for us . ( Love that one!)

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