What A Trip!

First off … Happy New Year … here is what I had planned on saying today 🙂

As 2018 starts we look forward to many more miles, more beautiful sights to see, family and friends to visit, and fellow bloggers to meet.

So to our family, friends, and fellow bloggers thanks for traveling along with us.  We wish you all the best for 2018 and are so happy you are a part of our lives!

So here is the new part …

First off a little background …

As you probably know we are full time RVers who call Kelowna, B.C. home. We have no sticks and bricks home in Kelowna since we live in Maxx. Right now Maxx is chillin in warm, sunny Yuma, Arizona keeping an eye on our shed and our neighbours … okay lets be fair, our neighbours are actually looking after Maxx and our shed but they have told us they are both behaving, so all is good.

Now I am getting to some confusing parts here so hopefully I give you a good synopsis of life the last week.

On December 23rd we flew from Phoenix to Edmonton to spend Christmas with our son’s. As I mention yesterday on December 29th we had a bonus stop over in Kelowna to see our daughter and family and were to fly back to Phoenix on December 30th. This made Kelowna a connection point on our flight … keep the connection part in mind. Due to weather in Calgary we were unable to get from Kelowna to Phoenix on the 30th.

Now airlines will not cover your accommodations, meals, and taxi if your flight is cancelled because of weather. Most of the people our flight from Kelowna to Phoenix were from Kelowna and could go back to their homes, but of course our house is in Yuma right now. So it occurred to me, as we were standing in line at the airport waiting for WestJet to rebook us, that we were actually at a connection point and in that case the airline does have to pay your costs. Now we knew this may not work since we have a Kelowna address but we thought it was worth a try. We also thought that WestJet would work harder to get us on a flight quickly if they were paying for our stay in Kelowna, and we are now tired of the snow and want to go back to the sun 😀

The other thing that came into play was the fact that our daughter has a bad cold and we knew it would be better for her to rest and get well and that wouldn’t happen if we were at their house. Lucky us we were given a hotel voucher, dinner and breakfast vouchers, and taxi vouchers to the hotel and back to the airport. We were also told that it would probably be better if we phoned into WestJet from the comfort of our hotel room and rebook our flights, so that’s what we did. After an hour and a half on the phone Saturday evening I was able to get us a flight to Vancouver and then onto Phoenix on Tuesday.

Now we only had vouchers for Saturday night so Sunday morning we took our free taxi back to the airport to get vouchers for our next two nights in Kelowna. Our hope was to go back to our daughters for New Years Eve if she was feeling better but since we had to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning we figured it would be easier to stay in the hotel Monday night.

Have I lost you yet? Hopefully I’m making sense 🙂

Anyway back to the airport on Sunday morning. Once the WestJet agent realized they were going to have to pay our expenses for two more nights they were all of the sudden able to get us on a flight back to Phoenix on Monday, but here is the kicker … we are going back to Edmonton and then onto Phoenix!

So to sum it up, for the price of a return ticket from Phoenix to Edmonton we were able to spend six days over Christmas with our son’s; four days in Kelowna were we had a great visit with our daughter and family, were able to see my sister and family, and also were able to have lunch with our best friends, all the while being put up at a hotel with meals provided by WestJet; today we will fly back to Edmonton and hopefully spend only two hours in the Edmonton Airport before getting on our return flight to Phoenix. It seems like a really roundabout way to spend Christmas in Edmonton but it really worked out for us … or at least it will if all our flights work out today.

We hope you all had a safe New Years Eve and we wish you nothing but happiness for 2018.

Until next time …

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “What A Trip!

  1. Who would have thought when you started this Christmas journey, that we would get to spend New Year’s Eve together? Thank you Sis… and Westjet!! They’ve been awesome.

    And you even managed to get a cab on NYE!!

    (PS – Love you but take the snow when you go! Enough is enough.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so awesome and totally not how we expected to spend New Year’s Eve 🙂 And wow was the cab ever quick to get us back to the hotel! Love you to bits and sure I will take the snow when we go.


      • I couldn’t believe how fast you got back to your hotel. I barely had time to turn off the porch lights.

        I guess it’s the busiest night for cabbies though.

        Hubs says he had lots in his queue?

        Liked by 1 person

      • We were lucky because he was just around the corner from you place, otherwise he figured we would have waited a couple of hours! He had 71 in his queue!!!


  2. Happy New Year!

    Thank you again for lunch yesterday, it was so great to see you …. so many laughs and yet another great story to tell. Hahaha. Did you ever get the “call” notifying you of the “distress”? 🙂

    Hope your flights are all on time and you have a safe trip back to Maxx. Enjoy the sun while we freeze here. May 2018 be a happy, healthy, fun filled year, and may you only have pleasant serve staff wherever you go!

    We will be waiting with a G&T when you return. Cheers!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you guys for coming to meet us for lunch, it would not have been nearly as entertaining if you weren’t there to share it with us! We made it back to Phoenix and met friends of your brother-in-law who also know you, but then you are pretty memorable 🙂

      We wish you both all the best for 2018 and look forward to many G&T’s and scintillating conversation over the spring and summer.


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