We Are Blessed!

The only reasons we can fly home for Christmas is because we are blessed with wonderful neighbours who keep an eye on Maxx while we are gone.

Yesterday, with the Christmas music playing, I set out to do some Christmas baking. The difference between Christmas baking at home and Christmas baking down here is the lack of snow and the abundance of palm trees. Of course the other difference is no kids at home so nobody to eat all that baking … hubby tries but he can only do so much πŸ˜†

Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin (not nearly as good as they usually are), and whipped shortbread.

So I was able to get my baking fix filled along with a few tins of cookies to give to our neighbours and some other friends.

One more sleep and we will be on a plane to Edmonton … I’m getting a little excited!

Merry Christmas …


9 thoughts on “We Are Blessed!

  1. Two set of folks from the RV park here in Mazatlan just flew home to the US for a week with family. You are doubly blessed in that you have family to share Christmas with.

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    • Thanks Contessa, we wish you and Colin and very Merry Christmas and lots of beautiful sunsets! I’m sure this isn’t an easy year with the girls gone but I hope the happy memories help you both through this.


  2. Butter Tart Squares and Pfeffernusse (Mennonite Spice Cookies) are our go to’s. They worked much better this year in an Electric Oven. My only issue is that Sylvia wants to give them away. Have fun in Edmonton. Merry Christmas.

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  3. It is wonderful that we can trust our NEW rv’ing friends to look after things for us. We also are blessed when we need to leave Clemson home. It is a great world we are living!
    Your baking looks delicious and Bill would never have a problem devouring it. πŸ™‚

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