Text Wars :-)

One thing I can always count on, when it snows at home a few pictures will be sent my way 😆 And I do love it! I have always loved the snow and think it is so pretty when it falls and the ground is covered in nice white fresh snow. When I was working most people would see the first snow fall through the window and be upset, but not me nor my work buddy Blondie, we would both be excited and couldn’t wait to be outside walking in it.

Now I do have to admit that selfishly I also like sitting in the warm sun looking at the pictures I receive and praying that we will have lots of fresh snow when we are home at Christmas. And that usually works, but it also leads to some very unhappy family and friends when I hop back on the plane to return to the warm sunny weather and they are left at home to shovel snow for months and get stuck with the black, dirty, yucky snow … he he, I guess there is a little meaness in me 😉

So this morning the texts started with a picture from our daughter, actually she also sent me one last night and there was a lot more snow this morning.

Shortly after that text I received one from our best friends of their back yard.

Which had hubby racing out the door to send them a picture of our front yard.

And then I had to follow that up at lunchtime with a picture of what we do in Yuma during the days leading up to Christmas 😎

Which of course she had to follow up with how they spend their days in Kelowna leading up to Christmas.

View from their hot tub while enjoying a glass of wine. Well we do have a hot tub we can sit in and we can have a glass of wine while we are there but I have to give them the view!

Hmm, I think she may have won! But come January when we are back in the sun and they are still shoveling snow I bet I’m back in front!

Merry Christmas! …


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