A Fun Week :-)

Now that the shed is finished life has settled into a slower pace and that’s okay! Most of the past week has been spent inside Maxx because of the wind that has been hitting most of Arizona and California. It was blowing so hard we had to put our heavy zero gravity chairs away and I had to move my big poinsettia up against the fence because the wind kept blowing it around our site! By Saturday the wind had died down and the chairs were back out, but by Sunday the wind was back, and by Sunday evening the wind was gone 😯

All of our Christmas decorations are up and we enjoy watching the lights twinkle outside.

Last Tuesday we took a tour of the Yuma Proving Ground. The Proving Ground is a US Military facility used for testing military equipment. It encompasses 1,307.8 square miles (3,387.2 km) in the Sonoran Desert 30 miles (48km) northeast of Yuma. Our tour was six hours, which included a tour of the parachute testing facility, and the vehicle compound, as well as lunch in the Cactus Café. We enjoyed the tour but felt rushed throughout the day, in fact we were to have an hour at the museum so hubby and I went to the theatre to watch the half hour movie before touring the rest of the museum … we were halfway through the movie when we were told it was time to leave! Cameras are not allowed on the tour so I have no pictures to share 😦

On Saturday we enjoyed the Yuma Electric Light Parade, and it was even better than previous years. There were even more entries this year and the parade was an hour and a half long. While I miss the snow around Christmas, there is something to be said for sitting at a Christmas parade and not having to be bundled up in heavy coats, toques and mittens 😎

There are no shortage of lights at this parade!

Last night I put on my fur lined boots, my fur lined vest, and my Christmas hat with it’s flashing lights, and enjoyed a cup of tea … okay I was more than a little warm but I was definitely in the Christmas spirit! With the Christmas music playing we sat around our fireplace outside and watched the Christmas Golf Cart Parade … as usual it didn’t disappoint 🙂


And that brings you up to date in our life. I hope you are all enjoying your pre Christmas season!

Until next time …


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